The Race Ends

O Illumined One! Why does life appear to be an endless race? Was life meant to be like this? Please guide me.

The Guru shared “As you already know life is an opportunity to realize and experience the truth about the Self. It is a golden opportunity to live in the oneness of creation and to know that everything and everyone is the manifestation of the same One Self. All experiences and situations in our life are only meant to be lessons on the path of this realisation. Thus, Self Realisation is the goal and the experiences of life are the process of achieving this goal. 

Our family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, enemies, etc are the cast responsible for our lessons. The objects of the world are the props that make the journey of life interesting and comfortable. During the journey we have to perform our dharma (duties and responsibilities). This requires us to pursue activities that help us in performance of our dharma.

However, somewhere we loose this perspective and get entangled in the props and the activities that are means to these props. The goal gets lost and life becomes a relentless pursuit to acquire more and more props. Ego takes over and competitiveness begins. The need for recognition makes us so obsessed that we start believing that the end justifies the means. We get trapped in the race. We forget our real goal. We get possessed by the material goals.

This is when a Master or Guru walks in our life. He reminds us of our true heritage. He awakens us to our true reality. He helps us to reclaim the lost perspective.

He shows us the path of love. He inspires us on the road of truth and righteousness. He demonstrates that this journey is all about the right means, for the end is a natural consequence of the means adopted. He holds our hand and corrects our path. We begin experiencing the milestones of compassion, care, sharing, forgiveness and love. As we traverse further on the path of love you experience that love is both the path and the goal. Love is the only Reality. Love is the self that we seek.”

I was at loss for words. Once again the Master had so simply and effortlessly corrected my perspective. Once again he put me back on the path with consummate ease. Only a highly realised Master can so selflessly share wisdom and that too in a language that everyone can understand. 

O Master please accept my salutations on behalf of all my brother’s and sister’s. Thank you for this New Year Gift. I share this gift with all my loved ones.

A year of new energy and a new beginning – 2017.

Love, Light and Newness 

Vikas Varma


Enjoy the Playhouse

O Bestower of Grace the path of detached action appears so difficult. Please guide how do I start walking on this path?

The benevolent Guru explained “You can walk this path with right understanding. Once you know and understand fully that all the pain that you experience in your life is due to your attachments, you would naturally want to overcome the attachments.

We are all like small children who are sent into a playhouse. We are excited at the sight of the colorful and interesting toys and start playing with them. There is so much joy in playing. All is good till it’s time to go back home. When the parent comes to take the child back the happy child on thought of having to go back starts crying. When forced to go back the child starts clutching on to the toys and wants to carry them back home. The owner of the playhouse informs that the toys belong to the playhouse only and can’t be carried away. The child starts to scream.

This is how the world is. Our home is the source of limitless consciousness. This world is a playhouse. You can play and enjoy as much as you like but you cannot take any of the attachments back home. Everything belongs to the Playhouse. So learn to enjoy all the creation without trying to own it. You will always remain happy. Everyone will be happy as there would be no owners only users.

Free from the worries of acquisition man focuses on the limitless consciousness and realizes the temporariness of the world. The mind gets attached to the idea of experiencing the permanent, the real and the immortal self. This sets man on the path of freedom, liberation or limitless joy”.

The vision was so clear. Either I pursue the path of the world and it’s acquisitions or I become the enjoyer and user of the gifts. The choice was clearly mine. My choice will determine my anubhav or experience.

I remain ever grateful to the Guru for his guiding light.

Love, Light and Joy

Vikas Varma

Twins of Detachment and Discrimination

Ocean of Love is detachment the only key to liberation? Please advise.

The kind Master shared “Liberation, Nirvana or freedom can be reached through the twin gates of detachment and discrimination. In fact detachment and discrimination are the two sides of the same gate. Detachment brings discrimination and discrimination enables detachment. One feeds the other.
Only a discerning mind can choose to walk the path of detachment.

Discrimination helps you to choose between the Real and the Unreal, the Permanent and the Temporary, the Immortal and the Mortal. Whereas detachment enables you to experience the Reality, Permanence and the Immortality.
The more you get detached the more discrimination you experience. They are intertwined and at a given point you cannot differentiate between the two.

As the individual revels in detached action, he or she experiences the reservoir of wisdom within. For at this stage the individual is not attached to the results and is offering all the actions to the limitless or divine consciousness. This wisdom becomes the source of his or her discrimination. So powered by the twin engines of detachment and discrimination the individual experiences Liberation or Nirvana.”

I realised how my Master had so simply given me an insight into the seemingly complex path to Liberation. I now understand that the only difficult aspect of experiencing Liberation in this lifetime is to choose or discriminate the path of detached action. Once you have begun the limitless consciousness shall ensure that you reach your goal, discrimination and detachment shall happen effortlessly. That is how it is! And that is how it shall be!

Thank you Master. I am indeed blessed to have you hold my hand to reach the state of eternal bliss. I realised the Master had given me a perfect Christmas Gift. Merry Christmas to all of you and may you reach your goal soon.

Love, Light and Bliss

Vikas Varma

Grieve no more

I asked the Master why so much grief on separations? What is the reason for this attachment?

The Guru guided “The biggest illusion in this illusory world is that I am the body. This is the cause of undue attachment to one’s own body and of the loved ones. It’s the same as we identify the formless and attributeless God to an image or an idol. We try to hold on to the physicality as it’s tangible knowing fully well that it is mortal. Death is a truth everyone knows about but none wants to acknowledge it.”

” From this false identification arises another illusion that I am the doer. This is a constant cause of pain in man’s lifetime. It builds ego which causes separation of the individual soul from the limitless consciousness and creates a physical entity. Hence, the cycle goes on”

So Master please guide what should we do?

“We must live in the awareness of our true reality. We should examine our actions in the light of this understanding and let the awareness of the immortal soul guide you to detachment. Remember there is no separation, there is no END. It is a journey that ends only when you see through the illusion. In fact being alone is not being lonely. The limitless consciousness is your constant companion. This companionship sets forth the fountain of love that reaches others effortlessly. They automatically get attracted to you and loneliness disappear.”

I thanked the Master and vowed to share the divine love so that no one feels lonely again. For love is all there is and shall ever be.

Love, Light and Love

Vikas Varma

The key to liberation

I asked the Master ” O compassionate One kindly share with me the genesis of attachment”

“Attachment is the reason for your current birth. It is due to attachment that you experience countless births. Desire when fulfilled becomes attachment. As the cup of desire keeps getting full the tentacles of attachment keep binding you to this world.”

What is the nature of this world Master?

“My dear this world is Maya – an illusion. It is a physical manifestation of your mind. It is limitless consciousness that is limited by your current state of understanding. Since Maya is so attractive it spins you in a web of desires and resultant attachments. And this web keeps binding even after death till you take birth again. Punarapi Jananam Punarapi Maranam…”

I pleaded with the Guru to give me the key to detachment and liberate me from this delusion.

The Guru’s raised his hands in benediction and smiled “It’s simple. In fact so very simple that no one believes it. The key is You yourself. You are the creator of this illusion and you alone can un-manifest it. Call the bluff and liberate yourself.”

How do I do that?

“Start replacing the cup of desires for the world and it’s attractions with the desire for the limitless consciousness called by some as God, Allah, Bhagwan, etc or simply Love. Let the Love for God become an obsession and you shall experience that your cup of life will become full with love for the divine. All desires & attachments would start vanishing one by one and a day shall come that you will become the limitless consciousness. There would be nothing else. The illusion shall vanish and you shall be set free. YOU ARE THE CREATOR MY DEAR.”

As the message of the Master sunk in I bowed to his wisdom. I realised it was up to me and me alone to achieve this freedom. IT’S MY CHOICE. ONLY IF I DESIRE LIBERATION.

Love, Light and Limitless Consciousness – ME!

Vikas Varma 🙏🙏🙏


I am Shiva

I woke up with this realization!

We are all lucky to have each other’s companionship at a time when the consciousness of man is being raised.

The Guru within has revealed itself and is handholding us to discover the joy within. Call it God or Guru or Love, it means the same. These are only words and these stop mattering once you are having the anubhava.

You go beyond this into a zone of silence, a zone of completion. When life becomes an adventure for you realize that the Guru is in control, complete control. Your effort is to be completely present to what is happening at the present moment in your life.

Your awareness expands. You realize that the key to transformation is awareness.

You begin to reduce your stakes in life. You now understand that you are not the doer. You are just an executor. It helps to settle your ego which is screaming for recognition. It makes you humble, aware of others point of view.

Your attachments start to dwindle. Then the Guru executes a hammer stroke and takes away a loved one. All of a sudden you are taught the lesson of formlessness as you recognize the presence of your loved one even after their shedding the body. You realize that the soul is immortal. It is always there. Nothing changes when you stop breathing.

It makes you understand finally that you are not the body. You are the casing that carries the immortal formless soul which pervades the Universe.

You don’t feel the need to connect with anyone on a physical plane as your loved ones appear on a single thought.

You celebrate the presence of this consciousness. There is no absence or lack or scarcity. But if we focus on these negative aspects we give them food and they grow.

On the other hand if you focus on presence, oneness and perfection that is what manifests. It grows like a miracle.

But to reach there you must let go and give up all the junk that you have been carrying in your head from many births. All the conditioning, judgements, labeling..

We have come to give up and not acquire for perfection is our natural state. Once we have given up all the notions, thoughts and prejudices and accept all that is happening in our life as a lesson we are ripe for recognizing the true self.

The chitta becomes pure and the effulgence of the self starts shining brightly.

I am that auspiciousness and bliss. I am Shiva. I am Shiva. I am Shiva. 🙏


A Life of Joy Unlimited

O revered Guru! O Light that removes all darkness! A life of surrender, detachment and acceptance may sound very boring and uninteresting to some. Please guide?

The Guru was at his radiant best when he shared “My dearest! life is a precious opportunity given to all of us to love, enjoy and experience bliss. We come to enjoy all the bounties of nature that have been abundantly endowed for us.

However, as we start enjoying them we get attached to them. Then we want to have them for our own selves and ownership comes into play. We stop sharing with our fellow brethren and selfishness creeps in. Love becomes selfish. Isolation starts at this point and we begin to drift away as islands of consciousness. The chain of universal consciousness is broken. We start experiencing pain in human relationships and love hurts. Selfishness becomes a predominant emotion and pervades the human consciousness. It creeps into the family system as well – the last bastion of love. The children want to snatch from parents and then from each other. The story goes on like this..


It wasn’t always so! Our ancient forefathers knew how to love and how to enjoy. The mantra that they followed was of non-attachment. They realized that they were temporary visitors on this planet and they could not take away anything from here. So they enjoyed the abundance of nature, shared it with one and all and cared for both nature as well as the fellow brethren. Love reigned supreme. Love was not restricted to families only, it was universal love!

You too can enjoy this pure love. You too can use, enjoy and participate in the creations of man and nature. Just don’t get attached to either the objects or the people. To become detached from your current state of attachment you must go through the process of surrender, acceptance, forgiveness, etc. So the life of detachment is not boring or uninteresting. Far from it, detachment is actually a preparation for enjoying life unlimited. We have romanticized the picture of Buddha sitting in meditation as nirvana or enlightenment and have considered it as a serious business. Nirvana makes you free, joyous, loving and useful. Those who know this secret shall love like there is no tomorrow, shall enjoy the comforts of the world and shall participate in uplifting the human consciousness. This process of coming to light has begun and the Golden Age awaits.”

I was spell bound as I saw the vision of unshackling of the chains of attachment. All my stakes were gone! The burden of life had vanished. I was free, I was joyous, I was loving, I was participating, I was sharing. I was finally who I was meant to be – AN EMBODIMENT OF LOVE!

As the spell broke I fell to the feet of my Guru in deep gratitude. He had shown the vision of the Golden Age and Love Unlimited. I know I have a choice to make. I surrender myself to thee forever!

Love, Light and Joy

Vikas Varma

Forgive and rise

O Wise One! please guide me so that I can remain calm and peaceful in the state of surrender?

The compassionate Guru cheerfully confided “O Bright One! as you surrender to the divine and accept the travails of life as his lessons meant for your growth, you shall be severely tested with anger. The anger represents unfulfilled desires and unfulfilled expectations from others. It is a trap laid out by the ego and we walk into it ever so frequently. Anger is like venom it makes us loose our peace of mind.  Be a witness of your anger. Bring the awareness to your anger and reflect that the anger is within you. The actions of others only triggers off our bottled up emotions and it bursts out as anger.

The best antidote for anger is forgiveness! As we recognize that anger is our own frailty it becomes easy to forgive.  Remember the saying that has stood the test of time -‘to err is human and to forgive is divine’. Forgiveness works like magic. It removes the dark cloud of anger that engulfs you and surrounds you with calmness. You feel light instantly. Remind yourself again and again that the fault is never with the person but it lies in the action of the person. This makes forgiveness easier. Forgive him for he does not know what he does!”

I realized that in Forgiveness the Master had given me another powerful mantra for living peacefully in surrender. Accepting that the challenging situation has been created by the universal consciousness for my growth is  the first stage. The second stage is to be aware that anger is my problem and to stop looking for excuses. The third stage is to criticize the action and not the individual that caused the anger. And lastly, forgiving instead of being angry with the individual liberates you from accumulating karmas that bind. I figured that practicing forgiveness in daily life could make life peacefully silent.

Dear Master thank you for the uninterrupted flow of wisdom that you share so selflessly. I promise to share this with all those who seek. In Gratitude I remain.

Love and Light

Vikas Varma


The Eternal Witness

O Ocean of Compassion how can I be a witness when life embroils me in its upheavals?

The effulgent master smiled knowingly ”My dear the stage of being a witness is a natural consequence of accepting everything as a part of the cosmic drama. Remember nothing is real only simulations for learning and growth. Nothing is yours yet everything is available. Everything to enjoy and nothing to hold on to. The acceptance of this reality of existence brings you detachment. You don’t do anything to be detached, it just happens. Detached action leads to dispassionate responses that brings silence. In silence the witness emerges.

Everything is so beautifully interconnected. One leads to the other. You can never understand this but you can certainly experience it. And once you experience it, you know it. At this point it isn’t any longer about faith, it’s about knowing. It is as simple as that.”

Master you say its easy but why does it feel so difficult? It seems almost superhuman!

“It’s your mind my dear. It plays tricks on you. We have been prisoners of our mind for so long. What the egoistic mind is ignorant about it labels it as difficult or not possible. It is also the mind’s survival instinct lest it allows the heart to take over. In a bid to hold on to it’s domination over the heart, the mind tricks you to believe that as a human you cannot become divine or superhuman. It keeps you trapped in this feeling. Break free! You have to call the mind’s bluff and instantly the not possible becomes possible. So the next time your mind protests just go ahead and experience the un-experienced. That is the only way to know the Truth.”

Thank you Master this certainly is a useful tip to overcome the inertia of the mind. I understand that I am the eternal witness that had been deluded by the mind to believe in a isolated and limited existence. O Master let me enjoy this Game of Life without attachment. I surrender to thee in gratitude!

Love, Light and Liberation 🙏

Vikas Varma

Acceptance is all there is

O Enlightened One it so difficult to be in acceptance all the times. Please give me a mantra for acceptance.

The Master lovingly explained “My dear I will give you a simple vision and if you get it right then every time you can use it when acceptance becomes challenging.

With your eyes closed visualise that all that is happening around you and in the world is being orchestrated by the universal consciousness. Remember at all times that there is only one doer. So whatever is going on, however troublesome or unfair it may seem whether directly directed at you or the world at large is part of the plan – the divine plan. Yes everything is perfect. You may not be able to see it now but that is how it is.

So bring this to your awareness that all of us including you are a part of the great drama called life. Don’t make the mistake of getting serious. Witness it and participate in it to the best of your ability. On the way learn the lessons and you are good to go. It’s as simple as that.”

I was stunned at the simplicity of Master’s suggestion. It made so much sense. It was so doable.

O Master I adore you for making complex things so easy. I feel so relaxed. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love and Light

Vikas Varma