The Starting Block

O Revered Teacher! Please guide me to the starting block on this wonderful journey to Oneness.

The Radiant Teacher responded “You are right my dear, this journey is indeed wonderful. In fact, no words can do justice to the incredible experience of Oneness. To my mind, the starting point in this journey, is to be clear about your goal. State to yourself unequivocally that your goal is to experience and remain in the Oneness of creation. Clarity of the goal is the first step of the starting block.

The Second step, is to commit yourself to the goal like never before. Experiencing Oneness should be like an obsession with you. Build up a strong yearning, a massive appetite and huge un-quenched thirst for Oneness. It should consume the body and mind apparatus just like high fever does. Waking, Sleeping, Working, Eating, Resting your mind should be in the awareness of your goal. What this does is to build your own conviction? It is like an inner buy-in process. The mind has to accept and be convinced that it’s a worthy goal to seek. The ego has to accede to this request otherwise it will keep creating barriers on the path. This is a huge step towards your goal.

The Third Step, is to remind yourself, that you have always achieved all your goals in the past. This convinces the mind and ego duo that the goal is certainly achievable. Self confidence is essential. In the absence of this the duo continuously throws up frivolous excuses like – ‘I am not God, I am Human, How is it possible, I am not like you’, etc. These excuses have the power of paralyzing you and sabotaging the whole process. You have to go beyond these excuses. But, you can’t do this by fighting or resisting your ego. You have to make it your friend and partner in this quest.

The Fourth Step, is to pray to your God, Guru or Divine Consciousness to help you to achieve your goal. Re-word and rephrase your existing prayer. Let this be the only thing that you seek. Move the divine consciousness with your sincerity and earnestness. Get the Divine on your side. Have faith in the divine consciousness.

The Fifth and Final Step, is to relentlessly follow this goal. No matter what happens don’t give up. You shall be severely tested on the path. Remain resolute that you have been found worthy of these tests. Welcome the tests as every test gets you closer to your goal. Know that these are the indications that you are on the right path. The diamond is being cut and polished. Remind yourself that this too shall pass.”

O’ Teacher of this Universe! I am convinced that I will accomplish my goal of experiencing Oneness as long as you keep showing me the path. I pray to you to hold my hand when my steps falter or my will weakens. Be my guide till I become One with you. I am eternally grateful for your presence.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma



Only Oneness

O Teacher of teacher’s! I find it difficult to see oneness in diversity. Kindly explain why I am unable to experience the same?

The Teacher looked at me intensely and deeply. I experienced a sudden surge of energy. Though his expression was soft I continued to feel the warmth of energy . I felt he was communicating with me. As though he was connecting with me at another level. He was silent and yet I started to receive thoughts in my mind. I instantly realized he was giving me an answer. I was excited for this had never happened before.

“Diversity is a fact of life. It makes the human experience all the more meaningful. Within the human species we have such an interesting and diverse mix of features, sizes, language, culture, habitat, traditions, etc. The list is long and endless. You can go on finding differences. And you will continue to find them because that is what we have been conditioned to do over the ages. It’s our educational system, society, media, nationalism, etc. that has deeply ingrained in us this sense of separation and distinction. This the reason why we generally find it so easy to play the game of spotting the difference in pictures.

This conditioning has led us to be exploited over the ages by the kings, rulers, politicians, governments, etc. We have remained divided, protected our turf, felt either superior or inferior or threatened by others. And this has continued and shall continue till we realize the truth about ourselves and others.

The truth is that we are not just the body or the mind. We are the consciousness that is the observer, the witness, the even minded, detached, unaffected, devoid of delusion. This consciousness is ever present and alert. This consciousness is not recognized by the body-mind system due to ignorance and lack of purity or chitta shuddhi. Once the chitta becomes sufficiently pure we become aware of the presence of the inherent consciousness. The same consciousness exists in all of us despite our apparent and professed external differences. This is the oneness that I talk about and it remains despite our diversity.

An aware person can recognize and communicate with the consciousness of others, even those who are not aware. It is not difficult at all. On the contrary it’s quite easy. An aware person reaches the state of pure consciousness and since the same consciousness is present in everyone, it’s like talking to your own self. How hard can that be? How do you think I am communicating with you at this moment?”

I was stunned by the revelation of the Teacher. It was true he had been silent all through and yet I received the message clearly. I understood the power of silence. I realized my folly of getting stuck all the time with the differences of others. It was my faulty understanding. The real Self is not the body-mind apparatus that first presents itself but the consciousness within. It was more like the game of finding your own twin in others – the consciousness twin. I figured I had some more work to do on purifying my chitta and to reach the state of pure awareness or consciousness.

I thank the Teacher for his unceasing flow of wisdom.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma


The Man of Realization

O Master kindly elaborate the state of a Jeevan Mukta. What is his relationship with family and society?

The loving Master responded “A Jeevan Mukta or a Realized Soul or a Liberated Soul is the one who has understood the truth about the Self and the relationship of the Self to the World. Such a man dwells in the oneness of creation at all times. He experiences the Truth and remains in the Universal Consciousness or the Brahman. He goes beyond name and form as he realizes that both the name and the form are impermanent and illusory.

He realizes that all forms and names are the expression of the same One Self. The only difference between him and the others is that he has realized and experienced the truth of the Self while others are still in the grip of Maya. He knows that its only a matter of time before each one shall wake up and experience this truth.

He, therefore, becomes patient for he has understood that the Universe operates in perfection at all times. He knows that every event has been perfectly ordained. He remains anchored in the present knowing that only the will of universal consciousness prevails. No one can alter the wheels of karma and everything in this Universe has to go according to this truth. Therefore, he is patient, very patient. He becomes a witness to the illusory play around him. He has no regrets of the past and he has no expectations from the future. Thus, he performs all his roles and responsibilities.

He doesn’t judge anymore as he sees all others as the expression of the same Self. He naturally looses his bonds of attachment as he realizes that the entire world is HIS. The narrowness of selfish interests, self survival and affection for the limited few is replaced by overwhelming compassion for all.  He is available for all and at all times. He accepts all and rejects none. He prays not for one but for all. He is not One but the Whole, always complete! He alone truly enjoys this world.”

For the first time I realized that I was not merely listening to my Master, I was actually living the experience. The words of the great Saint Kabir came to me.

Kabira Khara Bazaar Mein Mangay Sab Ki Khair, Na Kahoo Say Dosti Na Kahoo Say Bair

(Kabir lives amidst everyone and prays for the welfare of all, he is detached – neither over friendly nor has any enemies)

Love, Light and Self,

Vikas Varma

A seeker of Truth

O Wise Master! Please elaborate how Satsang leads us to Self-Realization?

The benevolent Master explained “Satsang refers to the company of seekers of Truth. In this world we are trapped in Maya. The Truth of ourselves is hidden. The soul yearns to discover the Truth but knows not where to seek. In answer to the cries of the anguish of the troubled soul the divine consciousness leads the soul to meet other individuals who have experienced the Truth. These are Wise Men, Master’s, Guru’s, Teacher’s or even those who are living the path of Truth. Only those who have experienced the Truth can guide others from darkness to light.

The company of such individual or individuals inspires the seeker to break the shackles that bind. The seeker becomes hopeful of finding a way from the mire of samsara. The seeker realises that he is not alone in this quest. The effect of Satsang is the removal of the ignorance self. The sincere seeker experiences non-attachment. The seeker no longer relishes the illusory charms of the world. 

The seeker is no longer a victim of delusion. The grip of desires and attractions of the world loosens. He begins to experience the immutable reality of the Self and his relationship with the World. He becomes even minded. He becomes a witness and an observer of life. He lives in the world, participates in it but is not attracted to it. He is like a lotus flower in a muddy pond, unaffected by the lures, guiles and traps of the world. He becomes a Jeevanmukta – a  Liberated Soul. Only a realized and liberated soul can truly enjoy this world.”

I understood that the Master had so eloquently shared the timeless wisdom of Guru Adi Shankracharya. I bow my head in gratitude to My Master and to the Great Master Adi Shankaracharya.

Satsangattve Nissangattvam

Nissangattve Nirmohattvam

Nirmohattve Niscaltattvam

Niscaltattve Jeevanmukti

Love, Light and Jeevanmukti,

Vikas Varma

Just Another Day

Today was just another day…

But, a year back on this day my world turned upside down.

The first sign was given of the completion of an Act. It was an indication of the curtains coming down. 

How could that be! the Act was still incomplete.

But, what could I do the director had changed his mind, he cut the balance scenes. This was to be the Final Act.

The Act of courage, struggle, denial, helplessness, detachment and HOPE. We acted like never before. 

She won I lost. In the end She left I remained. I asked HIM why? I was told she had completed her scenes but, mine were still left. I was always the slower one. I protested, I can’t Act alone.

She spoke for the final time “you will never be alone. I will always be with you. In every Act, in every Scene.”

And so it is my friends. She is and she remains.

That’s why today is just another day.

Love, Love and Love


Satsang – the key to Jnana

O Master! many are engaged in singing the name of the Divine,  participating in projects of  charity and reading of scriptures. Is that enough for realizing the Self?

The kind Master responded “All the practices like singing or chanting the name of divine, participating in projects of charity and selfless service  and reading of scriptures or books of wisdom are prescribed on the spiritual path of understanding the Real Self. These practices essentially help in purifying the soul or chitta shuddhi. They help in overcoming the effect of vasanas  or the negative tendencies brought about by our karmas or past actions.

Each of these practices put us on the path of self realization, the goal of human birth. These practices are part of the Bhakti Path, the Karma Path and the Jnana Path. The Bhakti and Karma Path’s lay the foundation for realizing the goal of life. The real understanding comes from the Jnana Path.

In the Karma Path: all acts of selfless service and charity and all actions performed with good intention as an offering to divine help in purifying the heart or chitta.

In the Bhakti Path : Chanting or singing the name of the divine and prayers of all kinds brings about purity, selflessness and steadfastness.

In the Jnana Path : The company of seekers of truth (satsang), meditation, lectures, books, and reflection leads to the understanding of the Self. Jnana is the path of intelligent self enquiry. It is the pursuit of finding answer to the perennial question Who Am I?  Jnana is formless and remains un-manifest as the undercurrent of Karma and Bhakti and comes only from within and not from outside.

Karma, Bhakti and Jnana lead to the same truth and same goal. They are like the flowers, raw fruit and ripe fruits of a tree. Without flowers, there can be no raw fruits and without raw fruits, there can be no ripe fruits. Without Karma you cannot have Bhakti and without Bhakti you cannot have Jnana. And Jnana is essential for Self-Realization.”

I understood that the paths of Karma and Bhakti must converge into Jnana or Wisdom without which the goal of life cannot be achieved. So, it is essential for all of us to progress beyond Bhakti and Karma to gain the light of Wisdom or Jnana and merge into the universal consciousness. Satsang is the key to Jnana.

In Gratitude I remain always!

Love, Light and Wisdom,

Vikas Varma


I humbly asked the Master to shed light on God’s grace. Is it available to all?

The Guru kindly explained “God’s grace is like oxygen, ever present and as such available to all. Only people are not aware of the presence of God’s grace. The doer’s ego makes man arrogant and he looses awareness of God’s grace. It takes a few hard knocks to get man back on track and to get him to acknowledge the presence of God. Wherever God is present his Grace is naturally there as well. God has no favorites he loves all equally”.

But Master we see that God seems to favor some over others. There are ones who seem to have all the problems and others sail through life. What is that?

“My dear, life is about lessons. The syllabus for all the souls is the same. Some clear it in this life, some have already cleared and others are yet to face. The one’s who seem to have a tough life full of challenges are the bright ones wanting to progress rapidly in this lifetime. And it’s God’s Grace that helps them to overcome these sometimes continuous and insurmountable challenges. All these lessons are aimed at expanding human awareness to make man realize who he truly is.”

I understood that the lessons would continue till we reach enlightenment when the game ends. And it cannot be done without the Grace of God. I also figured that it is the Guru who gets us connected to God and his continuously flowing grace.

Thank you O Master for being the light of my life and guiding me on this path of love and bliss.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma


Light is because of darkness

O Knower of All! Acknowledging the existence of dark energy is quite disconcerting and unsettling. Kindly throw some more light?

The Wise Master nodded and shared “I understand that the word dark may seem negative at first. Let us examine if the perception of negativity is a play of our conditioning or is it merely a fact of life. Darkness and Light are the two twins of creation. The Universe came out of shunya or the Black Hole or the Great Void. So darkness gave birth to the Universe.

In fact, even inside the Mother’s womb it is dark. So at birth we all come to Light from Darkness. And thereafter the entire human experience is an interplay of darkness and light. Light is light only because there is darkness. Only in darkness can we appreciate the presence of light. So, darkness by itself is not negative. Darkness is simply the absence of light. The negative connotation of darkness has stayed in human consciousness merely due to the foetal experience within the womb. As the light of wisdom shines the human consciousness expands to accept darkness as an integral part of life devoid of any negativity.

Energy is the life providing element. The outer casing of matter gets life from the internal energy. Likewise the human body is also made of matter and is driven by energy. This energy exists both during darkness and light. In darkness one cannot see properly and as such the energy in the time of darkness is dull, unclear and lacks clarity. Whereas the energy during the times of light is clear, sharp and focussed. That is why dark energy gives rise to Tamas and light energy gives rise to Sattva tendencies.

Dark is the literal translation of Kali. Kaliyuga refers to the dark period of time. The darkness referred to here is not the absence of light but the lowering of human consciousness. It’s the age of predominance of dark energy that presents itself as maya and tamas. It’s all scientific and based on facts.”

Thanks to my Master I now understand why we pray for our consciousness to be raised from darkness to light. As the Master shares his wisdom with all I realize that we are in the times of great transition of moving from dark energy period of Kaliyuga to the Light energy period of Satyuga.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma




The Real Light is Immortal

I revisited the Shanti Mantra from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad once again. Here is how I saw it today. The prayer is to the Divine Consciousness to lead us:

From the Unreal to the Real (Asato Maa Sadgamaya)

O Divine Consciousness! O Lord of the Universe! I pray to you to help me transcend and go beyond (the Unreal):

  • language and expression
  • expectations and rewards
  • form and contact
  • desires and attachments
  • career and progeny
  • food and health
  • wealth and security
  • mantra and meditation
  • dharma and karma

To the (Real) formless ever present consciousness or chetna

From the Darkness to Light (Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamaya)

O Divine Consciousness! O Lord of the Universe! I pray to you to help me transcend and go beyond (the Darkness):

  • judgement and prejudices
  • beliefs and superstitions
  • right and wrong
  • formulas and models
  • cast and creed
  • pleasant and repulsive
  • mine and thine

To the (Light) acknowledgement of the Illumined Self

From Death to Immortality (Mrityor Maa Amritamgamaya)

O Divine Consciousness! O Lord of the Universe! I pray to you to lead me To the indestructible Self that pervades consciousness. So that I bury once and for all the question of death.

Yes the Real is Light and that is Immortal (eternal)!

In Gratitude I remain.

Vikas Varma


Let me BE

I have gone through numerous lifetimes caught up in the attraction and fatalities of this illusory world. Nothing is real, yet seems so real.

There is a feeling of Dèjà vu. I have been here, there, everywhere. I have seen it all. It doesn’t matter now.

In acceptance I have found peace, great peace. There is a growing silence within.

The body’s struggle has ended. All organs and vitals are healthy and peaceful.

Now is all that matters.

There is only Oneness. There is only Perfection. There is only Love.

I talk to the world, yet I am silent.

I am in the midst of people, yet I am alone.

I am working to the best of my ability, yet I am in meditation.

I am participating, yet I am witnessing the Great Drama or Game of Life.

A Game where I don’t have any stakes, All is His.

The River of Life is flowing. And I am flowing in the depths of consciousness.

All has become One. The One has become None.

I am fully absorbed in that One. I am None.

None met Love. It became Many again.

I am Love. Love feels Real. It doesn’t matter any longer if I am None, One or Many.

Let Me BE!