Attempt Perfectly

O’ Compassionate Master what is the key to a fulfilling life? Please share. 

The Master smiled “Today I am going to share with you a simple secret for a fulfilling life. But, before I do that I hope you do remember that this whole creation is perfect. All that exists in this world is perfect and remains in the state of perfection at all times.

Man is perfect and the only thing that is imperfect about man is his understanding and awareness of his true reality. Man’s imperfect understanding is the cause of illusion or maya that entraps man in the endless cycle of birth and death. Therefore, perfection is in the very nature of man for that is who he is? Now the question arises how does man achieve this perfection? And this is the secret I wish to reveal today.

Man needs to attempt PERFECTLY every activity, however big or small it maybe. All it requires is to bring the awareness to the task or activity being attempted. Once you are fully present to the task being undertaken then all you have to do is to execute it to the best of your ability or understanding.

The perfect attempt is important and not the perfect result. You don’t have to compete with any external benchmarks. You don’t have to compare yourself with anyone. You just have to give it your best shot without bothering about its result. You have to keep doing this in everything that you do till it becomes a habit.

Everything includes even the smallest of things like cutting vegetables, filling a glass of water, tying your shoe laces, putting your clothes on, folding your newspaper, etc. You set your own standards of perfection and since there is no comparison with others there is no pressure on you. It’s like a game, a very enjoyable game. Remember only perfect attempt without focusing on the result. Perfection becomes your very nature. You discover you true potential. Results automatically start falling in place. Soon, you start scaling new heights. Try it! life becomes very fulfilling.”

What the Master shared seemed ridiculously simple and plausible. It was too good to be true. I realized this would work with people of all ages. In fact this should be our focus with children. I understood that awareness was the key. The key was to give my best and let the result be the consequence of my effort. 

In Gratitude I remain!

Love, Light and Perfection,

Vikas Varma



Express your love now

O beloved Teacher! Why do we heap praises on people after their death? Is it because we miss them too much? Kindly elaborate on this human trait.

The Teacher lovingly explained “Praising people on and after their demise is an old habit of man. It’s rather peculiar that the same people during their lifetime don’t get recognized but become heroes to be emulated after death. We must try to understand the genesis of such odd human behavior.

It basically stems from delusion or maya created by the I-ness or the limited individual consciousness. In the limited state of awareness, man is forever trapped in the cycle of desires. Majority of our time and effort is aimed towards fulfillment of these desires. The relentless pursuit of desires can be quite demanding and exhausting, consuming much of man’s time. And whatever little free time that is available goes in relaxation and recuperation.

As such man has no time for others for he is caught up in his own web. For example, when a dear friend calls you over, we most often ask if there is something special on that day. If there is no occasion we excuse ourselves saying we are either busy or tired. However, on a special occasion we may consider finding time for our friend. But, if someone dies then we make time to be present. Strangely, it means that when people are around we have no time for them and when they are gone we go running in their memory.

When they are present we don’t express our feelings for them but when they are gone we write great eulogies. We don’t value what we have and we keep chasing what we don’t have. This is the effect of maya or limited awareness of the Self. Once the awareness expands and you experience the Universal Consciousness everywhere and at all times, the self obsession ends. You find yourself present to all the happenings around you. Your priorities in life change. You are available to all. You realize that service to others is service to God. And that there is no bigger service than Loving All.”

The Teacher’s message was so profound and relevant. I made up my mind to be available for all my loved ones and to express my feelings for them. I want to make use of the gift of present by sharing his love with all. 

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma


Change your attitude

O’Great Teacher why does judging others comes so easy? How can we avoid the trap? Please guide.

The Teacher’s deep green eyes were locked with mine as he started sharing his wisdom. “Judgement comes naturally to man due to his external focus caused by ignorance of the real nature of the Self. Judging is the easiest thing to do in an interaction. Judging others is the handiwork of our ego.

Since, the ego is unaware of the presence of the same divine consciousness in Self and Others, it uses judgement as a shield to protect itself. So, it’s more of a survival instinct in a cut throat competitive world. The problem is that it widens the chasm between individuals and gives rise to differences that become difficult to bridge later on.

Judging has become so deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind that we keep unconsciously judging everyone at all times. Sometimes it is really petty but it is out of habit and conditioning. For example, when we receive a message from someone we are already judging the message vis-a-vis the credibility of the person. We aren’t judging the message we are judging the messenger. And this goes on and on….

It requires a change in attitude to free ourselves from the clutches of the ego driven disease of constantly judging others. It is quite funny that while we allow ourselves to constantly evolve we hang others by the same old noose which we had once found around their neck long time ago.

If we were to remind ourselves that evolution and change is a universal phenomenon not restricted to one’s inflated ego than we can create a more inclusive and accommodative world. Also, as the understanding dawns that we are here on this planet for fulfilling our own purpose and achieving our goal, our focus turns within.

Realizing that the clock of time is clicking away and that death can come calling anytime, man must acquire a sense of urgency to achieve his goal of experiencing oneness. A change in attitude becomes imperative. The new attitude has to be about changing oneself rather than others. It’s about what you get from the message and not the messenger. It is only about self evolution and not about world criticism.”

In that moment I understood that with time running out there was no room in my life for passing judgment on others. The precious time should be used for self-evaluation and self-evolution till the goal of oneness is achieved. I figured why it’s said “Be the Change you wish to see in this world”. My attitude was already changing.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma


O’ Greatest of Teachers please guide as to how to change ourselves on the path to oneness?

The Compassionate Master responded “The human mind is like a computer. It operates on the same GIGO principle. Garbage In Garbage Out. The computer can be used to improve the efficiency of your business, instant communication, weather forecasting, entertainment and a million other applications that contributes to the progress of humanity.

At the same instant it is also used for spreading hate, violence, sex, gambling and numerous other applications that keeps humanity in darkness. We cannot blame that the computer is at fault for spreading darkness. It is a human choice not computer’s choice.

In the same way thoughts are the food on which the Mind thrives. As mind thinks man becomes. Since, we have been conditioned to treat God as an external entity, our every thought and consequently our every action is in this direction. We keep praying to God to protect us, heal us, catch us, hold us, provide us etc. as if he is other than us. We keep looking at the pictures of his various forms and that gives us solace and happiness. But, that also reinforces that he is other than us. In turn, all our actions are influenced by these thoughts and words. This has become our habit, our nature and we find it difficult to move on the path of Oneness.

The feeling of stress, pain, punishment, tragedy, bondage, trampled, etc. arises out of our sense of separation from our Lord or Divine Consciousness. But, if we were to remember at all times the truth that its only God that exists everywhere and in all forms our pain will end. The provider of pain and the bestower of grace is one and the same – YOU. Yes, the whole universe is a reflection of you.

So we can train our mind to focus on oneness rather than on separation in all the experiences that happens to oneself. It’s like correcting our vision about ourselves and all others. Like when we wear dark glasses we see the world in a shade. So, from this day wear the glasses of Oneness and check yourself if the mind takes you back on the beaten track of Separation. It is completely your choice. Replace GIGO by OIOO – Oneness in Oneness Out”

I thank my Teacher for giving me a simple technique to recondition my mind to observe Oneness. I understand that as long as I keep focussing on finding faults with others and having thoughts that God is distinct from me, I shall not progress on the path of Oneness.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma