Diamonds of Golden Age

O’ Great Teacher in the present times I see the righteous struggling. Is their suffering due to Kaliyuga or their Karmic baggage? Please guide.

The Teacher humbly responded “My dear the preparations to welcome the Satyuga or the Golden Age are in full swing. The consciousness of souls has to be raised significantly for them to find their place in the Golden Age. The consciousness has to reach a point wherein the souls realize their inherent and innate atmic reality. This means that the individual chitta has to be purified sufficiently before it can experience the divine consciousness.

The process of purification of the chitta is akin to the cutting, grinding and polishing of a diamond. The diamond has to undergo a lot of hardship and craftsmanship before it becomes valuable. In the same way the chitta has to undergo a series of tough lessons before it becomes sufficiently purified to acknowledge the light within.

The divine consciousness is a Master Craftsman and it knows the exact value of each of the souls’ and accordingly provides the appropriate lessons for its transformation. This is a time consuming process and the Master Craftsman naturally selects first those souls who are already well on the path of self realization. These are the righteous ones who are following a dharmic way of living.

These are the selected souls who would be the early settlers in the Golden Age. But, they too must undergo the rigorous lessons in readiness for the beautiful future that awaits them. It helps them to extinguish their karmic account balance. The understanding of their true identity and their ultimate goal makes them stronger to endure these lessons. These souls should not blame others for their hardships as the others are only playing a role allotted to them by the Master Craftsman. The good news is that their suffering or lessons should end soon.”

I understood the great plan being unfolded by the divine consciousness in these time of transition. I remembered what the Teacher had shared earlier that during the times of receiving the tough lessons the souls must exercise the twins of acceptance and forgiveness as they slowly, silently and surely march towards the Golden Age.

In Gratitude I remain!

Love, Light and Liberation,

Vikas Varma




Transition and Transformation

O’ Wise One you have mentioned many times about this being the period of transition. Kindly throw some more light on these changing times?

The loving Master elaborated “Yes my dear we are witnessing times of great change. The end of Kaliyuga represents the end of one complete cycle of time and the beginning of a new cycle starting with the Satyuga or the Golden Age.

As the name suggests, Satyuga is the period of truth and righteousness. A period of selfless love, non-violence and peace. It means that the energy of this yuga shall be full of light. People would revel in divine consciousness and shall experience bliss at all times. These are the times that lay ahead for this beautiful planet.

However, given the reality of the current times it would almost seem impossible that such times can exist in the near future. It is evident that the human consciousness needs to rise significantly from the present despicable levels for our new reality to take shape. While a lot of work is being done by numerous evolved souls in spreading love and light thereby raising human consciousness, yet a lot still needs to be accomplished given the sheer size of human population at this time.

Therefore, these are times of great transition of the evolution of human consciousness. This evolution requires a gargantuan change from our present levels of selfishness. A tsunami of change is coming and all the souls who are able to adapt to this change shall herald and be part of the Golden Age. This transition requires transformation of our thoughts, words and actions.

Those souls who are not ready to change and transform themselves shall have no place in the Golden Era. This change requires giving up of all human attachments that are the cause of low levels of human consciousness and the heavy dark energy. Regrettably, our past has shown us that human consciousness and awareness expands mostly during the times of suffering and great pain. Difficult times lie ahead of us unless we choose to transform ourselves. Time is running out and we must act NOW.”

The Master’s message was like an ominous warning. Time was ticking and the stakes had got higher; we either transform or we perish. And as always the choice had been placed in our hands by the divine consciousness!

Love, Light and Transformation,

Vikas Varma



Cutting Attachments that bind

O’Teacher of Teachers please explain how our attachments affect us at the time of death?

The Compassionate Teacher lovingly shared “As the time of giving up the body approaches, the mind recognizing the approaching event starts reacting. For those who have lived a life full of desires and attachments their mind is deeply attached to their very close relationships like the spouse, children, etc. The attached mind is unable to accept this harsh reality of being alone without the comfort of the presence of its loved ones.

It makes the mind fearful, very fearful. The very thought of separation makes the mind cling more to these relationships. The mind experiences turmoil, it becomes restless and it takes a toll on the body. The suffering increases for both the dying person and his or her loved ones who are helpless witnesses to the suffering of their loved one.

In such a case the separation of the soul from the body gets delayed as the mind is not ready to withdraw. Sometimes, the attachment of loved one of the dying person can also hold back the dying person for the same fear of being left alone in this world. Hence, attachments come in the way of a peaceful departure of the soul from the body.

Taking the name of God soothes the mind and help diverts the attention from attachments. The dying person may be exposed to such soothing chants as per their culture and religion. The loved ones of the dying person should also practice to cut the attachments that bind the dying persons to enable a peaceful exit of the soul. These attachments are due to our ignorance whereby we consider death to be an end instead of a beginning.”

I pray that this message of the Teacher brings peace to all the restless minds and it allows the souls to happily continue their journey of merging with the divine consciousness. May all our attachments be with the parmatman only.

Love, Light and Liberation,

Vikas Varma




Celebrating Death

O’ Revered Teacher kindly explain what you mean when you say that the soul neither suffers nor dies? Please demystify death.

The Teacher shared lovingly “As explained earlier there are three aspects of human beings – the body, mind and soul. The gross body is the outer casing in which both the mind and the soul reside. While the mind coordinates the day to day functioning the soul controls the bodily journey.

Mind and Soul are like the RAM and ROM in the computer. Just as the RAM operates only when the computer is powered the human mind is active mostly when the body is awake. Similarly, just like the the data in ROM is permanently written and doesn’t get erased when you power off the computer, the Soul too is permanent and is always in awareness whether body is awake, asleep or even if its without the gross body (after death).

While it may appear that the mind controls the body but the soul actually holds the remote control. The soul operates in the background and manipulates the mind allowing it the false feeling of being in control. The soul contains the blue print of the bodily sojourn in a particular lifetime.

The soul is in control of the two truths of the human body i.e. Birth and Death about which the mind has absolutely no clue. The soul takes human birth with the sole purpose to grow and evolve by learning lessons. The soul’s bodily sojourn ends when the lessons of a particular lifetime have been learnt and when the final lesson has been learnt the soul’s journey in this dimension ends.

The final lesson of the soul is to experience the divine atmic reality. It is the union of the atman and parmatman. The soul’s journey ends in the celebration of the oneness of the individual and universal consciousness. It is the end of game called Life.

Once the lesson for the lifetime has been learnt the soul yearns to go back to its free state devoid of bodily restrictions. It signals to the body that it is no longer interested to continue its bodily journey and the body prepares to exit. The exit is planned as per the karmic account and can be immediate or over a short period of time. It can be in any form like an accident, heart attack, fast spreading viruses like cancer, etc. or any other method to facilitate the maximum extinguishment of the karmic account balance of the particular soul and its soul mates. The decision to remain or exit the body is of the soul.”

I was dumbfounded by the revelations of the Teacher. He had so simply demystified the phenomenon of Death. There was no fear left of dying. On the contrary my mind was prompting that death was worth celebrating. I was ecstatic that the mind had been finally won.

In Gratitude I remain!

Love, Light and Liberation,

Vikas Varma

























































No suffering only Karmas

O’ Divine Teacher! There appears to be an escalation of human suffering as I am witnessing so much suffering all around. Please explain what is happening?

The all knowing Master explained eloquently “The times are changing rapidly as we approach the Satyug or The Golden Age. The present time is a period of transition when the Kaliyug is ending and the preparations are underway to welcome the Satyug. The Golden Age is the age of pure energy or pure consciousness. To enter the Golden Age all souls must relieve themselves of the Karmic baggage that they have been carrying over numerous lifetimes.

The karmic account has to be settled and squared off in the balance time and hence the sudden spurt or escalation in suffering. This is the time when the accumulated negativity of souls is being extinguished and it is causing a lot of discomfort to people. Negativity gets stored in the subconscious mind of the souls and it comes out in the form of disease in the gross body. The diseases like cancer, etc grow rapidly and are source of great pain and suffering to people.

However, at the atmic level there is no suffering and no death. All the suffering is to the body only and that too is helping to extinguish the karmic balance. At the same time, the suffering to one person’s body allows the near and dear ones to provide selfless service. This is an opportunity that the suffering body provides to the serving body to work out its karma through loving service. Hence, the souls in tandem work out their karma’s with one suffering and many others providing assistance or service. Therefore, its all a preparation for the Golden Age.”

The Teacher had once again so eloquently explained the cause of human suffering. I understood that if one was anchored in the atmic reality then suffering has to be seen as a natural progression for the soul to divest itself of its karmic baggage and move over to the Golden Age. There was actually no suffering only settling of the karmic account.

In Gratitude I remain!

Love, Light and Liberation,

Vikas Varma



Silence the Language of Gods

O’ beloved Master it’s so wonderful to have you back after your long travels, there is so much I wish to seek from you. Why do we lay so much emphasis on vocabulary and language when most of the spiritual practices revolve around silence? 

The Master was glowing more than ever as he greeted lovingly with his radiant smile. Love seemed to ooze out of him and from every gesture he made. It made up for his absence of over a month. He shared “There are three aspects to each one of us. First is who the world thinks we are? second is who we think we are? and thirdly who we truly are? The first is our Gross Body made up of the five elements. The second is the mental or the emotional body that emanates from our thoughts. The third one refers to our astral body also known as the soul or atman. We experience all the three levels of the Self as our consciousness expands and our awareness grows.

At the gross body level, language, both spoken and written, is used as a medium of communication. In the age of Kali, since most people operate at the gross body level, much emphasis is given to language as an expression of communication. At the mind level, our intellect and ego are constantly engaged  in creating a newer vocabulary to showcase its superiority and to be acknowledged for its intellect. Hence, spoken and written language with all its vocabulary has assumed great importance.

However, the atman or the soul does not need language or vocabulary to either express itself or to be understood. The atman or soul is consciousness that is made up of energy. This energy or consciousness or atman is part of the universal consciousness or universal energy also referred to as parmatman.  The atman and parmatman are essentially energy that vibrate on the same frequency. Being on the same frequency allows them to exchange ideas and thoughts instantly without speaking. This is known as telepathy. Telepathy is used by souls to communicate with each other. It is the most superior form of communication and happens in silence. This is the reason why the yogis and spiritual masters use silence to convey their teachings.”

I understood why they say that silence is the Language of Gods. I also realized that the exact vocabulary or language was not as important as in understanding the essence of what’s being conveyed. And you cannot understand the language of silence till you experience the soul or the atman or who you truly are!

I am indebted to my Master for imparting to me the subtler truths of life.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma