The inner calling – Only Love is Real

It’s time to remove and throw the garb and don the new robe of ‘The Shining Self’. The time of pretending and playing along is over. The soul is rejecting the old, complete detachment from the ways of the past. The covert operation of change is to be revealed to the world soon.

We are being asked to move from undercover to frontline roles as the Creator is heralding the new world of love, peace and wisdom. The eagles are out and flying high. It’s time to arise form this long stupor and rightfully claim the divinity that we truly are.

We are children of God. We are part of the one single Unitary Consciousness. We come from this Oneness and we shall merge back in the same. No birth no death – we truly remain. This body is a temporary garment assumed for the present times and task. We are light bodies fully aware and conscious of the reality of Universal Consciousness.

I am hearing both loud cries and shouts of joy at the same time. It’s just noise to the ears – undistinguished, detached and having no relevance in the New Order. It’s really not a New Order, its how it has always been and we are re-discovering our true state of Being (internality)!

We had got caught in between in the state of doing (externality). The body is just an apparition that we call as real; it becomes scary as breath stops. We maybe living in flesh but we are already dead if the spirit is gone.

All relationships are illusory except for relationships of heart. The heart only knows the language of love. Love does not need words to express it – best understood in silence. It travels through vibrations of intentions and actions.

If your intention is pure, authentic and heartfelt then love will be received by the other-self irrespective of distance, time, body and space. For only ‘Love is Real’. Love in action is authentic only if the action is selfless based on the principle of ‘Giving’. For a pure heart chant the name of God and engage yourself in loving service.

Serve wholeheartedly strangers and known alike – ultimately we belong to the same One Family. Serve, for you have been blessed by the God-self to realize the divinity in all and not out of any dictum or for any recognition. Away from the world of ego and achievement find your true self that is a humble servant of the God-self. Humility is the key.

The realization of the reality of the true self and reclaiming our inherent divinity is not an achievement of the I-self but an act of grace of the Almighty. He chooses the timing, event and place. His ways are mysterious and uncertain. It is not an easy path if you are conditioned and tied up to the ways of the external world but if you surrender to the lord who resides within your heart, then he will guide you like a shepherd.

However, like the sheep you have to yourself travel the path to greener pastures. He will get you to the door but you must open the door yourself and move beyond. You have to discard fear that stems from ignorance and trust the God within and move into the world of existence, awareness and bliss (Sat, Chit, Anand).

This world does not exist on any other physical reality but here and now. Hear the chant of the divine name forever in the recesses of your heart. Give up the heavy load that you are carrying of expectations and attachments and freely experience the light within.

As you become comfortable with your reality share the message of divine love with all your brethren. Love yourself first! Live the life that exemplifies your Master’s message and inspire the Universal Family to live in Love and Abundance.

Come Join me on this path of love, abundance and joy unlimited

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma


Young Ones As You Fly

O’ Beloved Teacher please share some wisdom with the youth of today?

The Teacher was radiating youthful exuberance on this day as he shared. “Hello! My Young Friends! I want you to know that Age is just a number which has no relevance to your real Self. Your understanding and growth does not depend upon the number of physical years but in your Openness to Explore the truths of Life. So do not hesitate to gain your own insight and Experience the world First Hand.

Your willingness to Adapt and Accept the situations of life that you get exposed to determines the speed at which you shall grow. So do not resist situations, Accept them and Adapt yourself. Don’t try to Change others, only change Yourself. As you Change the World Changes automatically.

The Hard Work or effort you put in determines the Success you Achieve. Only Effort is in your hands not the Results. If you remember at all times “To do your BEST and leave the rest in the hands of God or Universal Consciousness” you shall experience the unseen hand of God guarding and guiding you always. You will find that you become passionate about everything you do. But the effort has to be the BEST.

Shortcuts in life come back to haunt you. So, avoid the temptation in the first place as experience has taught us that one has to pay or work twice over in the long run. You are however, welcome to experience this truth yourself.

On the way you will experience hurts and betrayals as they are an essential part of your growth. At such times be generous and forgive all those who have hurt you. Don’t hold things against them. Forgive, forget and move on. You will feel light and free. Forgiveness is a Magic Mantra.

Always remember that God created you as a perfect being and as an image of itself. So accept and love yourself unconditionally. Love yourself before loving others. When you love yourself then loving others comes naturally.

Situations never appear perfect but they indeed are. Our ignorance and lack of understanding makes them imperfect. So don’t wait for the right moment, do it NOW. Each moment is PERFECT.

To AGE means to Adapt Grow and Evolve. This is what the journey of life is all about. All the tough situations in life are like exams designed for our growth and evolution. Welcome challenges as they are an opportunity to GROW. Remember that no matter how tough the situation appears we always Overcome it.

Be Cool and Confident. Don’t put heavy stakes to life. It’s is a beautiful journey. For every problem there is a solution. It is not important to have all the answers just have the right questions. The answers always appear when the question presents itself.

Don’t be in any hurry to find a life partner, the right one is waiting for you. The Soulmate will reveal itself at the appropriate time and you will know it when that happens.

God does not interfere in your life. You are grown up and responsible for your decisions. You have to now give meaning to your life as we all must. God provides for all your needs but not all your desires. However, God has unlimited wisdom to share with you.

Only wise experience happiness and joy in life. Scarcity is only in our thoughts. In love there is only Abundance. Abundance comes from Giving and not Taking. So whenever you have a choice Give and nature shall bring abundance in your life.

Love fully and unconditionally. Don’t Judge simply Love. Love will bring Trust, Collaboration and Compassion. Be Happy and Joyous always. Celebrate each day as if its your birthday. Happy Birthday!”

In Gratitude I remain,

Love and Light,

Vikas Varma

Go for your Goal now

O’ Realised One! Why don’t we make all out efforts to know ourselves? What stops us and how can we overcome that?

The Master was smiling and radiant as usual as he began explaining. “Remember the journey of the soul in a body is to AGE – Adapt, Grow and Evolve till the final goal is reached. It is a slow process of evolution from the lower levels of consciousness to higher levels of consciousness. From lower forms to higher forms, the human form being the highest form.

Even in human form the consciousness develops slowly. It has a lot to do with the prevailing levels of light or dark energy on the planet or the times in which one is born. This dictates the speed of growth.

For example, In Kaliyuga the general level of consciousness is extremely low due to the overwhelming influence of rampant negative energies accounting for the painfully slow speed of growth. Thus, due to the influence of prevailing times one remains attracted and attached to material aspects and the lower consciousness doesn’t allow man to seek the higher aspects of human life. This entrapment is the handiwork of maya that continuously spins a web of illusion around us. It is also referred to as the Unreal World.

In such a deluded state of consciousness man does not even seek to know the goal of life. Therefore the quintessential question eludes man’s consciousness until the time of awakening has come.

Now knowing is one thing and doing something about it is an entirely different ball game. To achieve anything requires willpower and effort. It requires dedication, relentless pursuit and dogged determination.

The conditioned mind creates roadblocks and barriers. We make excuses like too little time left from work to devote on self, tough times can’t think of myself, this is not the only thing to be done, lack of financial security, etc. The ignorance about the Self and the inflated ego come in the way of realising that there can be nothing more important and urgent than achieving this goal.

One of the biggest traps of ego is of helping others. Even if we have the time and resources we want to fill up our time by helping others. How can we help guide and coach others without helping, guiding and coaching ourselves first? Are we so scared or guilty of devoting time on our own Selves?

The answers to deal with this endless list of excuses is in acquiring gyana. The ignorance can be removed and the ego can be befriended with wisdom. Get Real and come out of the delusion of the Unreal. Trust the Universal Consciousness and surrender to it. The Time is NOW!”

As usual the Master had dealt with the genesis of the problem. I realised again that the choice was ours to make. I heard the Master say again and again “Stop not till the goal is achieved”. Three cheers to the rising consciousness in this period of transition.

In eternal gratitude I remain!

Love, Light and Determination,

Vikas Varma

Know Thyself

O’ Beacon of Light! What is the most important question that we should seek answer to which if known would guide us forever?

The Compassionate Master replied “What you ask today my dear is the key to joyful human existence. It is the quintessential question that man has been posessed with since beginning of human life on our beautiful planet.

The one question the answer of which if known that would provide answers to all that ever needs to be known is WHO AM I?

It is a key to unlock all the wisdom of the Universe. It is the passport to happiness. When you know who you are and you revel in the truth of the understanding of your real identity, you experience bliss, eternal bliss.

In such a state you get connected to the very source of existence or Universal Consciousness or God and all is revealed. You transcend into a state of knowing. The seeking, the search and the struggle ends. Silence descends. You experience oneness of consciousness. You realise all is One and One is all.

Aham Brahmasmi.

The QUEST ENDS. The goal of human birth is accomplished. Truth, Righteousness, Love, Peace and Non-violence prevails.”

I realised that my Master had guided me today to my goal. I saw the goal clearly, vividly and instantly knew it was for the taking. Know Thyself!

Tat Twam Asi.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

The Formless God

O’ Ocean of Love! Please share how we can sharpen our awareness to be in God’s presence at all times?

The Teacher gave a loving smile and responded “As explained earlier God is formless. God is neither a male nor a female. God is neither He nor She. God took form only to tell us that God is formless.

The form is necessary only to make us understand the essence of Godhood. Once that is understood then form is redundant. It has to be given up since all forms are mortal. The form must be dropped and the essence needs to be experienced. This is evolution or growth in consciousness.

What needs to be worshipped is the essence of God (Godhood) and not the form or name of God. This attachment, this obsession to form and name has given birth to various religious beliefs and interpretations. So, instead of uniting one and all to the essence of Godhood the religious zealots ended up in fighting over the supremacy of their form-name and interpretations.

Therefore, the mind (conscious and subconscious) has to be explained that God is formless. The mind has to be won over. This truth must be acknowledged by the mind and only then the transformation can take place. When the mind revels in this truth at all times then the essence of God and Godhood shall be revealed.

The focus shifts to the formless. What is formless is devoid of attributes. Because, if you identify the Godhood with some particular attributes then you won’t recognise God if some other attributes are experienced. God can be experienced at all times only when it is either in all attributes or in none.

Keep reminding yourself at all times this truth and you shall experience the growth in your awareness that God is the consciousness that surrounds you. It will relate to you in surprising ways. It will delight you, liberate you and will always be with you. For this is the experience we have come for. Don’t let this opportunity go by!”

In gratitude I remain to the wisdom of my Master and his selfless sharing. In his love I experience Godhood.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

Only God Remains

O’ Embodiment of Light why is it so difficult to experience God or Divine Consciousness within ourselves? Please throw some light.

The Master patiently explained “Mankind has for so long worshipped the Divine in the form aspect. Every form has a name and a place of worship. Only the names have varied across cultures, civilization and time. This long association and relationship with God in the external dimension has got deeply rooted in the human psyche.

We have built walls and boundaries around God. We have confined God to be a person as that makes Him more approachable and personable. We agree to the concept of an all powerful, all knowing and ever present God but His presence is restricted to being above us, below us and around us but not inside us.

How can he be inside me because that is who I am? For I am the body, the name. Thus, the trap of the Self is the trap of God. The ignorance about the Self is the ignorance about God. The only difference is that we believe that we are mortal and He is immortal. This fascination of the form has been the reason that the shortest journey from the mind to the heart, a distance of no more than 12 inches takes us innumerable lifetimes to reach.”

O’ Master! So how do we overcome this form fixation and experience God as consciousness?

“You have to simply drop the notion of God having a form. Ask yourself if he is a form and if you cannot see him around you then how is it that he is omniscient and omnipresent? He has to be consciousness to be present everywhere and to be all knowing at the same time.

Once you remove the boundaries around God, It (He) becomes accessible everywhere and at all times. No need to seek IT only in temples, churches and prayer rooms. Our awareness expands our consciousness to accept God as formless and attribute-less.

Now the consciousness can be within us as well as it’s formless and ever-present. The awareness sharpens and the Godly (or goodly) consciousness can be experienced in every small or big interaction in our life. The transformation of the human consciousness begins with this change in awareness. One thing leads to another and before we know it everything else disappears and only God remains.”

My Master’s words kept echoing in my mind “Only God Remains”.

Or is it that Only Love Remains.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

God Is

O’ Revered Guru! Please tell me more about God.

The Guru was cheerful as ever when he elaborated “So much has been written about God in various religions and languages. I will try and share the essence of God with you. God is as the experience is. God is as is perceived by man. For God is creation and all the constituents of creation. God is the source of all wisdom.

God is all pervasive. God is everything, everyone, everywhere. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. God is not any one person alone even though it takes human birth from time to time. God is in one and all.

Man’s faith defines God. Man’s devotion defines God. Man’s purity makes him see God in various forms. God appears in the form that is dear to the devotee. God makes man and man makes God godly.

God responds to all names. All names are his. The devotee can chant any name that he likes. God loves the devotee so much that it is ready to assume all names and forms to please the devotee. Each form conveys a message or essence to the devotee. The key to God is faith and devotion.

God is also consciousness that is ever present in every atom of creation. God is the energy of Love. Consciousness is made of the energy of Love. This consciousness is within every soul. That is why it’s said that God is Love and Love is God.

At the right time the soul directly experiences the presence of this God consciousness within itself. The constant experience or anubhava of God’s presence gives the devotee a feeling of peace, joy and happiness. This God consciousness or Universal Consciousness guides the devotee on the path of love and light. God’s wisdom shines brightly in the realised one.”

I realised that it was impossible to define God. How can you try to capture the limitless consciousness in words. God has to be experienced and God is present in every experience of the devotee. For only God IS.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

The Times of Truth

O Great Teacher of Wisdom! Why is anubhava or experience essential on the path of enlightenment or liberation? Please guide.

The Teacher smiled and explained “In life we are constantly exposed to information from various sources. These sources can be both internal and external. Internal sources are from within the family and external can be from the educational institutions, books, society, etc.

The information from these various sources can be often contradictory thereby causing great confusion. As the awareness expands the individual shuns this multiplicity of information and seeks knowledge instead.

Knowledge refers to information that is usable and has withstood the test of time. Knowledge is credible information and can be trusted. It often comes from books and other credible sources.

However, the challenge with knowledge is that it’s borrowed. And since the individual has no direct experience of the same it’s often ignored and overlooked. The individual in sheer ignorance and lack of awareness rejects knowledge due to this lack of experience or anubhava.

Also most of the knowledge taught in schools and colleges are of little use in life other than as an entry ticket for jobs and employment. For this reason also the individual shuns such knowledge given its inapplicability and lack of usefulness.

The individual in utter confusion and lack of direct experience rebels and rejects the established norms and searches for truth. In his seeking he experiments and experiences his own truth. His anubhava or direct experience gives him an insight to the knowledge he had so recklessly discarded earlier. His anubhava makes him realize the truth, his truth. There is no doubt left. He knows it for a fact. This direct experiential knowledge is called wisdom and it can come only through anubhava.

Our ancient sages have laid down this wisdom in the Upanishads and Vedas as a legacy of the greatness of our country Bharat. The time is fast approaching when man will once again seek this wisdom as nothing but the truth shall satisfy him.”

I realised that the Master was again indicating to the period of transition from the age of darkness to light. The light of wisdom or gyana or anubhava. The time of light is nearing and the Wisdom of the Universe and the Universal Order shall be revealed once again. Soon!

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma


Closing the Karmic Account

O Compassionate Master does the path of good karma lead us to liberation? Please guide.

The Master was silent for a long time before he replied “My dear Life on our planet follows the Law of Karma. As you sow, so shall you reap. Good deeds bring good results and bad deeds bring bad results. The cycle of action and consequence is incessant. It is continuous and infinite. This is Samsara – a never ending cycle of birth and death.

Both Good Karma’s and Bad Karma’s equally impact and operate the Karmic Cycle. The only difference between the two is the result. The soul has to take birth again and again to enjoy the fruits of his Karma’s whether positive or negative.

Good Karma’s in our Karmic Account get us a comfortable life full of abundance and prosperity. This can often lead us to over indulgence and exploitation that begins to add bad Karma’s and the cycle continues to infinity.”

So, how do we get liberated from this endless cycle of birth and death?

The Master patiently continued “The Game of birth and death ends when the individual soul realises and experiences that he or she is not the body but the Atman which is always in union with the Parmatman.

This understanding and anubhava of the oneness of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness makes the Karmic Account redundant and inoperable. All subsequent actions are non-binding.

The Karmic Account balance is thus returned back to the Creator, much like the monopoly money that is returned back to the banker at the end of every game. The soul thus experiences liberation or moksha.”

I understood that the game ends with the anubhava that God is all pervasive. Issa Vasyam Idam Sarvam! That is why God is also referred to as Universal Consciousness for its ever present.

In Gratitude to the Wisdom of the Compassionate Master I remain,

Love, Light and Anubhava,

Vikas Varma 🙏


Prerna – My inspiration

O’ Wisdom Incarnate! Please share what is the highest inspiration of life?

The Guru smiled and shared eloquently “Prema or Love is the highest inspiration or Prerna that guides our lives. Love is the inspiration not just for all human beings but for all sentient and non sentient beings. Love inspires all Nature’s elements to give and share to one and all without exception and at all times. It’s Love that inspires the Sun to shine every day. It’s Love that makes the forests give fresh air to the planet. It’s Love that makes the moon look resplendent and share it’s beautiful light on all.

It’s Love that inspires and transforms wild beasts to protect, shelter and care for their young ones. It’s Love that inspires man to create Taj Mahal. It’s Love that inspires man to serve his fellow beings.

In fact Love is the basis of this creation. It was Love that inspired God or Universal Consciousness to give life to this Universe. Love is the only thing that grows and increases as you go on sharing. Love is expansion and expansion is Life.

Love is what makes nature so beautiful. Love teaches us how to share, care and give without reason. Love is the most melodious song.

Love is why we are all here. Some special souls take human birth only to showcase Love in its highest form for all of mankind. They leave behind a legacy of Love for all times to come. Celebrate always the presence of these Apostles of Love  and their inspiration shall remain.”

I realised the Prerna of Prema (inspiration of love) shall continue to guide all of humanity for as long as life exists in all dimensions and universal systems. And I shall continue to celebrate the presence of my Prerna forever.

For Prerna is Love. Love is God. Live in Love. Live in Prema with Prerna.

In gratitude I remain!

Love, Light and Prerna

Vikas Varma