Make your own path

O’ Wise Teacher is the path to self realisation common to all? Please guide.

The Loving Master shared “Each of the souls are unique as they carry with them the past baggage of their prarabdhs. Though their goal is the same but each has come to learn their own lessons on the way to their destination i.e. self realisation.

So there is no question of having a one common path for all. Each soul has to find his or her own path to the One destination. The journey has been specially designed for each soul. There is no one shoe that fits all.

Yes, the Universal principles are common but their application needs to be customised. Each soul has to apply the learning’s and insights gained in the journey to progress towards the destination.

This is where spirituality or knowing yourself is essential. The understanding of the Universal Consciousness and its relationship with the Self enables you to implement these learning’s without any hesitation or fear.

This clarity emerges from a state of knowing. One has to go beyond the confusion of beliefs and conditioning to the state of knowing.

The journey becomes joyful. One becomes aware that God or Universal Consciousness is present all the way and is a milestone in the journey.”

I realised that all that you have to do is to travel with awareness of your own true Reality and of your goal or destination. Your own unique path awaits you, travel joyfully.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma


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