The Trinity

O’ Wise Teacher what are the various aspects of God or Godhood? Please share.

The Teacher explained “There are three aspects of God or Godhood. These are creation, sustenance and change.

As the name suggests the creation aspect requires immense creativity. Only a peaceful mind can create something new and innovative. The ancient wisdom calls the creation aspect as Brahma depicted as seated on a lotus flower. A constant and uninterrupted state of peace characterizes Brahma carrying on the pure work of creation. Lotus represents purity and awareness. Such tremendous peace attracts purity and wisdom as it’s mate which is referred to as Saraswati.

The sustenance aspect is the one that sustains life after birth and is for a long period of time. As such, it is characterized by patience. The ancient wisdom calls the aspect of patience as Vishnu. It is depicted as resting on a thousand hooded snake in the ocean of Samsara. The snake represents both a protector as well as the negativity in which life or Samsara operates.

The vast ocean represents the endless nature of the world and also signifies the atma which is eternal. Thus, it requires great patience to deal with the negativity, lessons and experiences of life. Such phenomenal patience attracts abundance as it’s mate represented by Lakshmi.  Abundance or Lakshmi is always found at the feet of Patience or Vishnu.

The dissolution gives way to change which is the only constant of life. The ancient wisdom refers to it as the Shiva aspect. It is characterized by detachment born out of discrimination. Change management requires discrimination between right and wrong. Implementing change requires detachment.

That is the reason why Shiva is represented as a meditator or a yogi. Such detachment attracts protector as a mate represented by Parvati. The protector mate or Parvati, out of love, is ever ready to carry out the task of protection from evil in its various forms of Durga, Kali, Shakti, et all.

To the devotee who prays to any or all of these aspects can experience its energy both in the form and formless representation.”

I was stunned by the revelation of the Master.  On the eve of Guru Purnima, I pay homage to my Teacher, Master and Guru for selflessly sharing his infinite wisdom with all. I bow down to thee in reverence. I pray that you bless me to become an image of you. On this sacred day, I offer myself to you as ‘guru dakshina’. May there be Universal Love, Universal Light and Universal Joy in every corner of this Universe.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma




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