Love Is

With the monsoon rain the grace of the unseen hand is pouring in every corner of existence. And you are the centre of existence.

Feel the grace enveloping you as you close your eyes.

Experience the fountain of love gushing out. Share it with everyone you meet today.

Watch the miracle of love unfold in your life.

Let your love be the ornament you wear today to celebrate the monsoon festivals of Teej and Shravan.

The beauty of this ornament shall bring joy in the lives of all those you connect with today.

So go out today wearing your best dress and your sacred ornament of love and bring joy in the lives of your other selves.

For maximum benefit reach out to strangers. Watch this miracle of love transform your life.

I share with you divine love and light. Enjoy the special blessings.

Enjoy my dear. Only Love IS

Vikas Varma


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