Choiceless Awareness

Good morning, rise and shine the Unlimited Self! It’s time to wake up from slumber and don the robes of the shinning self.

First, the world we live in is illusory. It’s the creation of our thoughts and mind. It is a mere projection of maya. It appears real and attractive. It binds and entraps. It gives rise to pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, good and bad.

The illusion ends with death. Death that we fear so much is actually a moment of celebration. Death is when we wake up to our ageless reality. It is the end of dream.

Second illusion is of time. The entire existence is timeless. The consciousness is ageless. It only IS and it remains. Time created the illusion of future and past. Time created future and hijacked the present. Mind is the architect of time. In our ignorance of our limited reality we remain trapped.

For the Unlimited Self always dwells in the present moment transcending the notion of time. It knows that now is all there is. The consciousness is a mere witness. It dwells in choiceless awareness.

At a body level it performs all actions as inspired by the consciousness without any likes or dislikes and without regard for results or consequences. The consciousness is pure and untainted by the concepts of likes, dislikes, results, consequences, etc.

There is no running away from action, it must be performed. It is the dharma of the body. I pray to the Unlimited Self to perform its dharma today in pure awareness of NOW and choicelessness.

Love, Light and Gratitude 🙏


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