The Game of Life

The wheels of karma rotate and create our prarabdhs. Maya spins the web of desires and desires create vasnas. Mind churns out thoughts and thoughts rotates the wheel of Karmas.

So, It is the mind that keeps us trapped in the endless cycles of birth and death. It is the mind that creates the illusion of reality and it is the mind alone that can through right understanding awaken to its truth.

When the time comes and understanding dawns the monkey mind finally let’s go off the attachments and desires it had been clutching on to for so long. The mind quitens, the search ends, desires vanish, silence envelopes, wisdom dawns and peace prevails.

In a flash of understanding the game ends. The mind stops participating. The vasnas vanish and the karmic account becomes redundant. The Witness appears and life of choice-less-ness begins.

Steeped in the understanding of the atmic Reality the individual surrenders to the divine will. The actions thereafter are then based on discrimination and detachment. The actions are done for and offered to the Universal Consciousness without any expectation or attachment to the result thereof.

In the end only love remains. Love is what this game of life is all about. Now that you know the rules of the game of life play it well. Make the first move now.

I pray that you experience Unlimited Love today.

Love, Light and Gratitude 🙏

Vikas Varma


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