The New You

Each day a new understanding dawns. With every little insight, the Unreal gradually gives way to the Real. The relativity and impermanence of our experiences slowly brings a shift in our consciousness. We begin experiencing another dimension of our reality which hitherto had been hidden under the harsh glare of our conditioned existence.

We start feeling split between the world that we have believed to be Real and the unknown feelings, insights and intuitions that keep tugging at our heart. And then the moment arrives when the understanding dawns and truth reveals itself. We instantly know that it’s the truth but feel powerless to change. The mind just doesn’t let go.

In such times, switch on the light of awareness of your new reality. You will experience a deep sense of peace. Start constantly reflecting on this new awareness. This is your new meditation. This is your new chant or mantra. This is your new ritual or routine. Living in awareness.

Slow down! contemplate and reflect in awareness. Question each action of yours that comes from deep habit and ask why are you doing it? Does it support your new Reality? For if you keep doing what you were doing before then nothing is going to change. Remember what you were yesterday and who you are today is not the same. In between you have evolved. Don’t be victims of dead habit.

So think, reflect and then act. You will slowly and surely gallop towards your new Reality. For that is the only Truth. Awareness is the key of transformation. The journey of life is to discover, experience and live your Truth. (Asato Maa Sadgamaya)

Be Aware Be Alert.
Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma


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