Giving – the path to divinity

Man is a manifestation of divinity. Man takes human birth only to realize and experience the truth that Man is God. Even though the soul understands it’s inherent divinity in all the other dimensions it has to incarnate on planet earth to experience this truth.

The path to divinity is of selfless living. Selflessness simply means GIVING. Selfishness means taking. Unfortunately, our society conditions us to believe that it’s the survival of the fittest and that life is all about acquiring and hoarding for self and family only.

In a way, we start on the wrong path at the very outset. Almost as a natural reflex, selfishness becomes a way of life and the funny thing is that we are totally unaware of it. Until, the moment arrives and we wake up from the slumber of societal conditioning and question the meaning of life.

The awareness of our divine nature slowly starts percolating in our consciousness. However, we feel at loss on how to proceed to reclaim our true nature as the grip of the old consciousness is almost vicelike.

The easiest path is to slowly and steadily start Giving. It’s also known as the path of service. Give to those who are not as fortunate as you are. Give whatever that you feel the other needs. It maybe money, time, helping hand, understanding, compassion, smile or love.

There is no special time or place for Giving. You can get into the habit of giving anytime, anywhere and to anyone. We are quite used to giving and sacrificing for our family. We do that out of love. This love is selfish as it is based on self-interest and reciprocity. But, it’s a great training ground for learning how to Give.

True Giving starts when it goes beyond the boundaries of family to unknown strangers who are in need. You can make every interaction as an opportunity to give if you so desire. At work and in social interactions you can give a patient hearing, a smile, courtesy, attention, respect, etc. The list is endless and countless. It’s about building an attitude of Giving.

Soon, you shall discover a great change and transformation in you. You shall become more caring and compassionate towards strangers and colleagues. Unknowingly the fountain of selfless love shall start to flow in the depths of your heart. Any Giving that does not bring about a change of heart is mechanical and a mere formality. Such service is futile and should be abandoned.

True love can only pour out of the depths of a pure heart that has come out of the crucible of selfless Giving. Only a heart full of pure unselfish love can serve all. This is the basis of the credo LOVE ALL SERVE ALL.
And it’s this pure love which is referred to as God.

So, go ahead and cruise to the path of divinity by Giving. Give and you shall Get seems to be the mantra.

Namaste! 🙏
I salute the divinity in all.
Love, Light and Giving,

Vikas Varma


Jeevanmukta or Liberated Being

Jeevanmukta’s are not abstainers or recluses. They are free from the binds of attachment to a particular way of life. They enjoy and participate in all the abundances that nature offers.

They associate with everything since they see the one in all. On their own they may prefer a particular way but they are not against anything. They are simply detached.

They are happy at all times and detached to both likes and dislikes. Just as the lotus blooms in its full glory unmindful of the muck around it and spreads joy to one and all. So does a liberated soul.

Detachment is not avoidance or abstinence. Detachment is enjoyment without getting entangled or trapped.

A detached person is not averse to fun or participating with family and friends. He or she is equanimous in all situations and at all times and as such is unaffected by the binds of karma.

He or she is ever vigilant to perform the allotted dharma or duties and follows the path of truth. They are lovers of life. They spread love and joy to all they are connected with.

They constantly discriminate between the temporary and permanent, the untruth and truth, the unreal and real. This power of discrimination comes only due to their detached way of life.

So, the vedantic way of life is not anti-enjoyment. It actually lays down the path for true, uninterrupted and permanent joy, happiness or bliss.

May this wisdom and correct understanding spread in all corners of the Universe.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma


“Navratri is a celebration of the Shakti (feminine) or the mother aspect of Godhood. In the Indian ethos Mother has been accorded the status of God. A famous saying is that Mother is God, Father is God, Teacher or Guru is God. The numero uno status is of the Mother followed by the Father and finally the Guru. The mother rears the child in her womb, sacrifices her happiness for the sake of her children and vigilantly guards and protects her kids from any harm.  Hence, mother is the closest to God and is worshipped.

Pure consciousness which is attributeless can only be known through the world of attributes. It is said that Shiva, who symbolizes pure consciousness, can only be known through Shakti, who represents divine energy. That is why people worship Shakti, also known as Devi, in her various manifestations possessing various attributes.

A seekers goal is to realize pure consciousness which is attributeless and the path is through the divine feminine aspect having its various manifestations that possess various attributes.

The journey is from the known (the world of attributes) to the unknown (the attributeless absolute). The male aspect and the female aspect are interlinked and intertwined. The female aspect is represented by three Devi’s or Goddess. These are Durga; the destroyer and protector, Lakshmi; the provider of abundance and Sarswati; the provider of knowledge and wisdom.

A seeker on the inner journey has to pass through three stages personified by the three Devi’s. Then, he or she enters into the realm of the infinite (pure consciousness), wherein one realizes one’s Self. Navaratri, dedicates three days each to worshipping the divine in the forms of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

The different stages of spiritual progress are reflected in the sequence of celebrations during Navaratri. The first three days are for Durga, followed by next three days for Lakshmi and the last three days are for Saraswati. The tenth day, though, is the most important; it is known as Vijayadashami, the ‘tenth’ day of victory.

During the first three days Durga is worshipped. She personifies that aspect of Shakti, which destroys our negative tendencies. These tendencies like desires, lust, anger, ego, attachment, etc., are a creation of our senses that manipulate our mind. Thus, praying to Durga is to seek her assistance in controlling the mind and protecting us from the demon of negativity. Her symbol is crushing of a demon with a spear.

“Removal of negativity is not permanent there is always chances of infiltration of negative tendencies.  Therefore, one needs to supplant the mind with positive qualities referred to as divine wealth. This is why Lakshmi is worshipped for the next three days. She is the provider of abundance as per our needs be it material wealth or divine wealth. As a mother, she provides as per the needs of her children. She is symbolized as a giver of wealth.

Only the one endowed with divine wealth is fit to receive the knowledge of the supreme consciousness. Accordingly, the last three days of Navaratri are dedicated to worshipping Saraswati, the embodiment of Knowledge. She is depicted as wearing a pure-white sari, which symbolises the illumination of the Supreme Truth.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma


On the first night of the auspicious Navratri (Nine Nights dedicated to the Divine Mother) may the wisdom of the reality of human birth enlighten the minds mired in sloth and ignorance.

I pray to the Mother to make us learn to be here and now and strive to attain the Truth in this lifetime. Let neither the sins of the past nor the expectations of pleasures in future come in the way of my urgent and sincere quest.

Let us all wake up, gain knowledge and liberate ourselves. Let the darkness of ignorance be removed by the light of wisdom. Let the scary serpent be revealed as a harmless rope in light.

No fear can ever remain in the brilliance of shining Self. True freedom comes when one knows one’s own Self and is not influenced by self created fear and misery.

O’Mother please bless us all to attain this truth and freedom.

May our ears hear that which is auspicious,

May we see that which is auspicious,

May we sing praise of the Lord and

Live a fully allotted span of life, with perfect health and strength.

Love, Light and Gratitude,


A tribute to the Great Teacher

O’ Great Teacher! On this Teacher’s Day, kindly accept from this student of yours as homage, the Understanding of Life.

“Life is a rare opportunity provided to each one of us to understand and experience our true reality. The twists and turns of life, the attractions and repulsions, the attachments and renunciation, the joys and sorrows, the love and anger, the forgiveness and betrayal, et al make it an engrossing, involving and almost realistic Game.

In ignorance we keep endlessly playing this game lifetime after lifetime until something within us, out of sheer exhaustion and in utter despair protests at the never ending cycle of pain and pleasure. And then the day dawns when the Great Teacher walks in our life and awakens us to the understanding of our true Self and the Game of Life.

One realizes and acknowledges the presence of an unseen hand or an invisible energy that is omnipresent in our life. This energy is all knowing and seems to be in perfect control at all times orchestrating all the ups and downs in our life. This realization is a big blow to our ego and sense of doer-ship.

The events, circumstances and situations of life are perfect simulations for the growth and evolution of our understanding.  In every situation there is a lesson and everyone a teacher. All situations ultimately get resolved nothing is permanent. All joys and sorrows are temporary and impermanent. Everything and everyone is changing and constantly evolving. You understand that to Age means to Adapt Grow and Evolve (AGE).

You realize that there wouldn’t have been a Rama without Ravana and a Krishna without Kansa. Each playing their role as teachers to perfection. Since everyone is a teacher and a fellow player in the Game of Life one realizes the futility of anger, judgement and despair. One realizes that acceptance and forgiveness are our best friends in tackling every situation of life.

One experiences that the expectation and attachment to results makes us deviate from the path of human values. So, we learn to make an honest effort in every endeavor without any result orientation in complete acceptance of the outcome.

We realize that Love is the invisible omnipresent energy that orchestrates all planetary life.  To be Permanently Happy and in Constant State of Bliss is the Goal or Purpose of Life. This state or goal of life can be permanently achieved only when we realize and experience that we ourselves are Embodiments of Love. That is why we must know who we truly are.

Love is who we are and Happiness is our true Nature. When we are in bliss we become one with God and we are freed from the cycles of birth and death. Therefore, all is perfectly ordained in our world and the only imperfection is in our understanding.”

I pray to you O’ Great Teacher to bless us all so that we remain in the awareness of our true reality – the Embodiments of Love and Happiness. 

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma



Let past be a secret

O’ Fountain of Wisdom we loose so much time in our life in getting connected to the purpose of life. Won’t it be much easier if we were to retain the memory of our past lives so that we don’t waste time in our current life and get to our purpose much sooner? Please throw light.

The Great Teacher flashed his trademark smile as he joyfully shared “The Game of Life has been so designed to keep the memories of your past lives a secret. All the memories of the past are safely stored in a safety box in your subconscious mind. Only the key of this safety box is not given to you. And for good reason too.

The fact that we are alive today means that we still have a Karmic Account balance that needs to be extinguished. In other words, in some of our past lives we would have also participated in and committed certain actions spurred by the polarity of darkness. We could have so acted either knowingly or unknowingly out of ignorance.

The memory of such actions may trigger strong emotions that may hamper the current journey. On the other hand memories of good, loving and compassionate actions of past lives may add to our already inflated ego and become a stumbling block in the journey of Self.

Also, each life is about learning lessons and evolving towards Self or God Realisation. This journey requires us to travel light with minimum emotional baggage. The goal of Self Realisation can be reached by emptying our trashcan of past memories, emotions and feelings.

We come here not to accumulate more baggage but to let go of the burden we have been carrying from various lifetimes. The past life memories stored in our subconscious prompts the vasnas that anyways affects our lives.

Active memory of past lives would certainly come in the way of forgiving, forgetting, loving and recognizing our true nature. The consciousness ensures that we are provided at the right time with all that is needed to fulfill our purpose and complete the Game of Life.”

I understood the wisdom of the consciousness in keeping the memories of both our dark and kind acts a secret from us. As it is we have enough worries and stresses in the world and It makes so much sense to travel light and unfettered towards acknowledging our true atmic Reality.
In Gratitude I remain to my Teacher,

Love and Light,

Vikas Varma

Giving birth to Krishna

Meditation has different connotations for different people depending upon their stages of evolution. Concentration on breath is just the beginning.

Living in God is the highest form of meditation.

It doesn’t need you to close your eyes or concentrate on breathing or taking out time for it. It happens automatically in every waking moment.

It comes with a deep understanding of the Self and remaining in awareness of the Self.

Slowly it moves beyond the waking moments to sleep and dream state as well.

Hey! it’s a joyous world when you know who you truly are and you begin to live a life of awareness.

Claim your birthright Know Thyself, this is true independence.

As the clock strikes midnight let Krishna take birth in the form of your awareness. Let the locks of ignorance be opened forever.

Be Aware Be Alert (BABA) of your divinity.

Let your whole life be a continuous meditation.

Love, Light and Gratitude to all the Master’s, Guru’s and Teacher’s for their selfless love and wisdom.

Vikas Varma

Greatest Actor, Enjoyer and Renouncer

As I awaken to a life of new understanding. As I experience the illusion and impermanence of Samsara. As I realise the immutable and stainless shining Self. My head bows down in gratitude to the Universal Consciousness for showering its grace of wisdom.

I acknowledge, understand and agree to joyfully perform the three roles endowed on me by the Universal Consciousness or the Brahman.

The Role of The Great Actor, The Great Enjoyer and The Great Renouncer.

As a great Actor, I shall perform all my duties, roles actions to the best of my abilities without getting attached either to the cast, crew or to the storyline. I shall play my part without any fear and greed by dedicating all my actions to the Universal Consciousness.

As a great Enjoyer, I shall equally enjoy all the pleasures and pains that naturally come may way in the performance of my role or actions. I shall unconditionally enjoy the abundance of nature without either getting attached to it or trying to possess it or causing it any harm.

As a great Renouncer, I shall forever live as a trustee of Brahman or the Universal Consciousness as I understand that ownership lies only with Mother Nature. I shall, in choiceless awareness, live a natural, simple and spontaneous life without getting trapped in the desires and pleasures of this world.

However, when it comes to LOVE I shall be the Greatest Actor and Enjoyer in this Universe and I shall never Renounce it.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma

The New You

Each day a new understanding dawns. With every little insight, the Unreal gradually gives way to the Real. The relativity and impermanence of our experiences slowly brings a shift in our consciousness. We begin experiencing another dimension of our reality which hitherto had been hidden under the harsh glare of our conditioned existence.

We start feeling split between the world that we have believed to be Real and the unknown feelings, insights and intuitions that keep tugging at our heart. And then the moment arrives when the understanding dawns and truth reveals itself. We instantly know that it’s the truth but feel powerless to change. The mind just doesn’t let go.

In such times, switch on the light of awareness of your new reality. You will experience a deep sense of peace. Start constantly reflecting on this new awareness. This is your new meditation. This is your new chant or mantra. This is your new ritual or routine. Living in awareness.

Slow down! contemplate and reflect in awareness. Question each action of yours that comes from deep habit and ask why are you doing it? Does it support your new Reality? For if you keep doing what you were doing before then nothing is going to change. Remember what you were yesterday and who you are today is not the same. In between you have evolved. Don’t be victims of dead habit.

So think, reflect and then act. You will slowly and surely gallop towards your new Reality. For that is the only Truth. Awareness is the key of transformation. The journey of life is to discover, experience and live your Truth. (Asato Maa Sadgamaya)

Be Aware Be Alert.
Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma

The Perfect Plan

Whatever is best for us the Universe delivers. It may not be what we expect but it certainly is what we need.

The plan is perfect only our understanding is imperfect.

Be aware of the perfection of the Universe and enjoy the rainbows in the rain, the shade in bright sunlight and the stars in the dark night.

Love, Light and Gratitude 🙏

Vikas Varma