Giving birth to Krishna

Meditation has different connotations for different people depending upon their stages of evolution. Concentration on breath is just the beginning.

Living in God is the highest form of meditation.

It doesn’t need you to close your eyes or concentrate on breathing or taking out time for it. It happens automatically in every waking moment.

It comes with a deep understanding of the Self and remaining in awareness of the Self.

Slowly it moves beyond the waking moments to sleep and dream state as well.

Hey! it’s a joyous world when you know who you truly are and you begin to live a life of awareness.

Claim your birthrightย Know Thyself, this is true independence.

As the clock strikes midnight let Krishna take birth in the form of your awareness. Let the locks of ignorance be opened forever.

Be Aware Be Alert (BABA) of your divinity.

Let your whole life be a continuous meditation.

Love, Light and Gratitude to all the Master’s, Guru’s and Teacher’s for their selfless love and wisdom.

Vikas Varma

Greatest Actor, Enjoyer and Renouncer

As I awaken to a life of new understanding. As I experience the illusion and impermanence of Samsara. As I realise the immutable and stainless shining Self. My head bows down in gratitude to the Universal Consciousness for showering its grace of wisdom.

I acknowledge, understand and agree to joyfully perform the three roles endowed on me by the Universal Consciousness or the Brahman.

The Role of The Great Actor, The Great Enjoyer and The Great Renouncer.

As a great Actor, I shall perform all my duties, roles actions to the best of my abilities without getting attached either to the cast, crew or to the storyline. I shall play my part without any fear and greed by dedicating all my actions to the Universal Consciousness.

As a great Enjoyer, I shall equally enjoy all the pleasures and pains that naturally come may way in the performance of my role or actions. I shall unconditionally enjoy the abundance of nature without either getting attached to it or trying to possess it or causing it any harm.

As a great Renouncer, I shall forever live as a trustee of Brahman or the Universal Consciousness as I understand that ownership lies only with Mother Nature. I shall, in choiceless awareness, live a natural, simple and spontaneous life without getting trapped in the desires and pleasures of this world.

However, when it comes to LOVE I shall be the Greatest Actor and Enjoyer in this Universe and I shall never Renounce it.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma

The New You

Each day a new understanding dawns. With every little insight, the Unreal gradually gives way to the Real. The relativity and impermanence of our experiences slowly brings a shift in our consciousness. We begin experiencing another dimension of our reality which hitherto had been hidden under the harsh glare of our conditioned existence.

We start feeling split between the world that we have believed to be Real and the unknown feelings, insights and intuitions that keep tugging at our heart. And then the moment arrives when the understanding dawns and truth reveals itself. We instantly know that it’s the truth but feel powerless to change. The mind just doesn’t let go.

In such times, switch on the light of awareness of your new reality. You will experience a deep sense of peace. Start constantly reflecting on this new awareness. This is your new meditation. This is your new chant or mantra. This is your new ritual or routine. Living in awareness.

Slow down! contemplate and reflect in awareness. Question each action of yours that comes from deep habit and ask why are you doing it? Does it support your new Reality? For if you keep doing what you were doing before then nothing is going to change. Remember what you were yesterday and who you are today is not the same. In between you have evolved. Don’t be victims of dead habit.

So think, reflect and then act. You will slowly and surely gallop towards your new Reality. For that is the only Truth. Awareness is the key of transformation. The journey of life is to discover, experience and live your Truth. (Asato Maa Sadgamaya)

Be Aware Be Alert.
Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma

The Perfect Plan

Whatever is best for us the Universe delivers. It may not be what we expect but it certainly is what we need.

The plan is perfect only our understanding is imperfect.

Be aware of the perfection of the Universe and enjoy the rainbows in the rain, the shade in bright sunlight and the stars in the dark night.

Love, Light and Gratitude ๐Ÿ™

Vikas Varma

The Game of Life

The wheels of karma rotate and create our prarabdhs. Maya spins the web of desires and desires create vasnas. Mind churns out thoughts and thoughts rotates the wheel of Karmas.

So, It is the mind that keeps us trapped in the endless cycles of birth and death. It is the mind that creates the illusion of reality and it is the mind alone that can through right understanding awaken to its truth.

When the time comes and understanding dawns the monkey mind finally let’s go off the attachments and desires it had been clutching on to for so long. The mind quitens, the search ends, desires vanish, silence envelopes, wisdom dawns and peace prevails.

In a flash of understanding the game ends. The mind stops participating. The vasnas vanish and the karmic account becomes redundant. The Witness appears and life of choice-less-ness begins.

Steeped in the understanding of the atmic Reality the individual surrenders to the divine will. The actions thereafter are then based on discrimination and detachment. The actions are done for and offered to the Universal Consciousness without any expectation or attachment to the result thereof.

In the end only love remains. Love is what this game of life is all about. Now that you know the rules of the game of life play it well. Make the first move now.

I pray that you experience Unlimited Love today.

Love, Light and Gratitude ๐Ÿ™

Vikas Varma

Choiceless Awareness

Good morning, rise and shine the Unlimited Self! It’s time to wake up from slumber and don the robes of the shinning self.

First, the world we live in is illusory. It’s the creation of our thoughts and mind. It is a mere projection of maya. It appears real and attractive. It binds and entraps. It gives rise to pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, good and bad.

The illusion ends with death. Death that we fear so much is actually a moment of celebration. Death is when we wake up to our ageless reality. It is the end of dream.

Second illusion is of time. The entire existence is timeless. The consciousness is ageless. It only IS and it remains. Time created the illusion of future and past. Time created future and hijacked the present. Mind is the architect of time. In our ignorance of our limited reality we remain trapped.

For the Unlimited Self always dwells in the present moment transcending the notion of time. It knows that now is all there is.ย The consciousness is a mere witness. It dwells in choiceless awareness.

At a body level it performs all actions as inspired by the consciousness without any likes or dislikes and without regard for results or consequences. The consciousness is pure and untainted by the concepts of likes, dislikes, results, consequences, etc.

There is no running away from action, it must be performed. It is the dharma of the body. I pray to the Unlimited Self to perform its dharma today in pure awareness of NOW and choicelessness.

Love, Light and Gratitude ๐Ÿ™

Love meets Love

Good morning ๐Ÿ™

O’ Embodiments of Love! Let thy awaken today to your true Reality.

Let thy experience today the truth of your existence.

Let thy experience today the oneness of Universal Consciousness.

Let thy receive today the Light of Love directly from the Source of the Cosmos.

Let all your thoughts, worries and anxieties dissolve today in this Divine Love.

Let Love meet Love today and in this blessed union may you experience eternal bliss.

Close your eyes, sit in silence and experience the blessings of the Creator.

Love, Love and Love

Vikas Varma


Living in Love

Good morning ๐Ÿ™

Let’s begin the day by loving ourselves.

God created us as his own image, perfect in all aspects.

He dwells in our heart. Offer your unconditional love to the Lord within.

The Lord within is the Lord of Love. He feeds and grows on love.

He and he alone operates the fountain of love that hides within the deep recesses of our soul.

So, Love him today like never before.

Move him with your love and watch the fountain of love grow within.

Sit back and enjoy the miracle of love transform you and your selves.

Enjoy Living in Love and make Loving your Life.

I bow down to the Universal Embodiment of Love.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

Love that cares

Good morning ๐Ÿ™

Your love is the essence of your existence. It’s is the fragrance of your soul.

Love has nothing to do with physicality or the games of the five senses. It just Is. Unbiased, unaffected and pure.

It’s this love that naturally envelopes your being and becomes your energy touching the lives of others spontaneously.

It is this selfless love that does not seek any recognition or reward. It is this love that is unafraid of rejection, rebuke and rebuff.

Love is compassion, caring and affection. Love makes you do things spontaneously without caring about results, recognition or reward.

For Love IS who you ARE. So wear your love like a perfume today and spread its fragrance to all.

I bring to you this power of love.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Love Is

With the monsoon rain the grace of the unseen hand is pouring in every corner of existence. And you are the centre of existence.

Feel the grace enveloping you as you close your eyes.

Experience the fountain of love gushing out. Share it with everyone you meet today.

Watch the miracle of love unfold in your life.

Let your love be the ornament you wear today to celebrate the monsoon festivals of Teej and Shravan.

The beauty of this ornament shall bring joy in the lives of all those you connect with today.

So go out today wearing your best dress and your sacred ornament of love and bring joy in the lives of your other selves.

For maximum benefit reach out to strangers. Watch this miracle of love transform your life.

I share with you divine love and light. Enjoy the special blessings.

Enjoy my dear. Only Love IS

Vikas Varma