Human Excellence

Man has been in pursuit of human excellence since time immemorial. Since, the pursuit has been largely focused towards fulfillment of desires (kama) and acquiring wealth (artha) it gave rise to a lopsided society. Highly technologically advanced and yet almost on the brink of extinction. History warns us of such similar episodes with highly advanced civilizations in the past. I am sure none of them expected such turn of events.

The genesis of the problem lies in our ignorance and incorrect understanding. As long as human pursuit for excellence is driven by fear, greed or recognition it’s bound to create a system that one day fails under the weight of its own ingenuity.

Human excellence is akin to perfection. It’s a state of being. It can never be achieved through external motivation. It is not a skill that can be acquired externally. Human excellence cannot be selective. It cannot be limited by purpose, circumstances, place and / or people.

It is an inner prompting that naturally unfolds and blooms like a lotus flower. It’s the blossoming of human consciousness. It is an expanded state of awareness that spontaneously produces excellence in results, everytime.

It stems from right understanding and experiencing the truth of the Self. Human Excellence is the end result of the experience of the innate human divinity. Once the state is achieved then it’s like a gushing river that flows perennially.

The time has arrived when the human consciousness shall ascend and recognise that God or divinity is not external. Human excellence and perfection are but mere synonyms of godliness.

Live for the pleasure of the Lord of Divinity within. Offer every action as a sacred oblation to the Self and witnesses the greatest transformation of human evolution.

Love, Light and Transformation,

Vikas Varma


The Tripur Rahasya

Whether it’s the cosmic dance of Shakti and Shiva or the rasleela of Radha and Krishna, it eventually is merely an illusion of the mind. In the oneness of human consciousness everything just is devoid of any attributes.

One must move beyond the mind and body apparatus to experience the oneness of consciousness and spirit. Know that this is the only truth and it prevails at all times.

However, the mind is not willing to let go of its magical powers of maya and it continues to play it’s tricks on you. As you start getting closer to the moment of truth you are tested, severely tested.

Kama (desire), the lovely seductive maiden and krodha (anger), the ugly demon, start to spin their web. These are the last bastions that need to be conquered. There are moments when body aches in longing-ness. But it’s like a storm that eventually passes. One has to be extremely alert and patient.

Initially it requires oodles of understanding and self control. Both Viveka (discrimination)) and Vairagya (detachment) are required to sail through the stormy seas of passion and frustration.

Know that the pot of nectar lies beyond this craving, attachment and moments of weakness. The nectar of pure love and oneness must be reached after transcending all manifestations.

The formless Shiva awaits behind the veil of Shakti that represents all manifestations. Only pure and undiminished energy representing the intuitive, creative and intelligent life force remains. Only the blessed ones experience this ocean of bliss.

I pray for all to understand and experience this secret or the Tripur Rahasya.

In deep gratitude I remain to this inexhaustible source of wisdom that guides from within.

Love, Light and Oneness,

Witness the Divine Sport

As the eternal witness within continues to assert and show it’s presence, all doubts begin to vanish. The trials and tribulations, the anxiety of the path unknown and the incessant chain of blame and judgement begins to appear so trivial and childish.

A certain maturity seems to dawn, an unspoken understanding starts to prevail and the veil of illusion or maya starts lifting ever so gradually. One begins to appreciate the Divine Sport or Leela of creation.

Whether it is the divine romance of Krishna with his consorts demonstrating pure love that goes beyond physicality preserving the dharma of the body and the sanctity of the karmic account.

Or the sheer grandeur, scale and size of the projects for the restoration of Dharma and upliftment of human consciousness.

Such mamoth projects that ultimately provide succour to whole of mankind for centuries are in the present moment a source of salvation for all those who assist the Lord in various capacities. Be it the selfless donors or the dedicated army of workers, all performing their respective roles for realising the truth about their own selves.

The witness understands that there is only one Doer performing the multiple roles simultaneously. Be it the sacrifice of the donor or the struggle and travails of the executor, an expression of the One divinity inherent in all. A timely lesson for human evolution to reclaim it’s lost divinity. One has to skillfully avoid the traps of ego and arrogance to experience the ocean of pure love and bliss.

To this magical land of pure love and bliss belongs the witness. The Eternal Charioteer, the Santana Sarathi, the Atma Rama is ever engrossed in the Divine Sport or Leela. Participate, witness and enjoy this beautiful Sport.

Love, Light and Ananda,

Vikas Varma

The Miracle of Love

And the day comes when everything starts to make perfect sense. It connects and resonates within. It just feels so right, so natural and so spontaneous.

Welcome to the magical land of love! The promised land that Sai spoke about.

This is what the Vedas and Upanishads extolled about.

This is what Mirabai, Radha and Kabir sang about.

This is what provided melody to the words of Tulsidas and Surdas.

This is what gave the strength, intellect and wisdom to Hanuman.

That presence when everything and everyone comes together in perfect harmony is Love or Prema.

This then is the heaven that Jesus spoke about.

This is is the Golden Age or the Fifth Dimension that the world is eagerly awaiting.

Come, join, participate and witness the greatest miracle of evolution as it unfolds. Get ready to experience the all pervasive divinity.

It is that time my dear. Enjoy the bliss.

Love, Love and Love,


Golden Age of Love

Good Morning Angels! As you wake up to the Reality that all that the ten senses, mind and intellect engage in is nothing but representation of love in different dimensions, everything starts to make sense. You realise that all your thoughts, feelings and actions stem from the love of the Self.

The struggle ends and the new era dawn’s. Love is the cause that moves the wheel of karma. Love is the cause, the act and its effect.

Love is the reason for causation, time and space. Love is endless and doesn’t get exhausted.

Love is existential. Love is eternity. Love seeks no reward. Love is it’s own reward.

O’ Embodiments of Love I salute you all. Rise in love and reclaim your lost glory. Script the greatest saga of love today.

Come, join me and let’s make Heaven on Earth. The Golden Age of Love and Happiness awaits.

Love, Love and Love,

The flight of love

Dear All,

Greetings! Great weather to welcome the new you. The elements of nature also respond when something profound happens within.

Happy birthday to the new awareness of the eternal reality of the Self that is changeless.

Happy birthday to the Eternal Witness that has revealed itself on this day.

The material or the physical body is the same but the energy and consciousness has shifted forever.

Remind yourself of your true glory at all times. And when the tests come remember that its temporary and this too shall pass.

Hold on to your truth, to your reality and watch your wings grow. Let no fear or negativity ever affect you. Heal it with the magical wand of forgiveness.

Now that you have wings you might as well fly, cross the self imposed boundaries and explore the limitless opportunities that await you.

Your consciousness shall guide you on the way. The ocean of love , peace and joy awaits you.

The universal life force of love shall propel you to greater and greater heights.

Enjoy the flight. I will be with you always. Thank you for flying with me.

Love, Light and Gratitude,


The cross of ignorance

Like Zombies we live our lives,

badly conditioned by our past impressions and social pressures.

The ego fiercely protects our ignorance in the garb of rationality,

the voices of wisdom fall on deaf ears.

Unmindful we keep digging the dark well of arrogance and conceit,

hiding in the shadows of dead habit and comfort.

Wake up and leave the cross of ignorance and resurrect yourselves,

and don the robe of awareness of your true divine reality.

Be Aware and Be Alert and operate from the perfection of your being,

remember that God resides as the reaction, reflection and resound of your actions.


Love, Light and Gratitude,


The One

To the Awakened One who is aware of the Real Self.

To the One who is connected to the Source at all times.

To the One who sings the Divine Song incessantly.

To the One who ceaselessly hears the melody of the eternal Flute Player.

To the One who has become one with the only One.

To the One who is a witness to the Drama of Life.

To the One who realises that past and future is but an Illusion.

To the One who is ever content and joyous in the Present Moment.

To the One who experiences the Perfection of creation at all times.

To the One who lives a life of complete Acceptance and Surrender.

To the One who offers all action as a dedicated offering to the Divine Consciousness.

To the One who is not attached to the results of his Actions.

To the One who has recognised that there is only the One Universal Doer.

To the One who enjoys everything and yet is Unattached to anything.

To the One who diligently performs all his duties yet remains Detached.

To the One who loves all and recognises the same Self in all.

To the One who compassionately serves for the highest good of Others without seeking recognition.

To that One I pray to make me One with thee forever.

Love, Light and Gratitude 🙏

Vikas Varma

Atma Rama

They say that Lord Rama was born on this day in an earlier yuga to liberate mankind from the clutches of demons and to restore a dharmic way of living based on selfless love and duty.

They say he transformed ordinary monkey’s and enabled them to perform herculean tasks of great valour and selflessness.

He transformed the hearts of these wild beasts until they became oceans of love and compassion.

He made one of them Hanuman, an epitome of love, obedience and devotion.

Through the example of Hanuman, he has positively impacted the life of millions to give up their beastly tendencies and become symbols of love and service.

As I got ready today to meet Lord Rama hoping for another miracle of love. I closed my eyes and there he was as brilliant light filling the crevices of my heart with an energy that was so uplifting and soothing.

I experienced continuous waves of love and joy. It was like a great symphony orchestra performing to the command of a maestro. I was flying on the wings of love, so gentle yet so strong.

I feel light, unencumbered and free from the clutches of mind and it’s confabulations. I met my Rama in the inner recesses of my heart. I don’t care if I ever will be like Hanumana as long as I have my Atma Rama. I rejoice in this great union and dedicate the rest of this bodily sojourn to his love and service.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

Fly Fearlessly

We know what the Bible, Bhagvad Geeta, Vedas, Quran and other sacred scriptures say. We know what the great Masters, Avatars, Gurus and other luminaries of wisdom say. We know this, we know that and we know everything. We have heard it endlessly, time and time again.

Yet, despite all that knowledge we experience no change in our lives. We don’t implement any of this knowledge in our lives. We are great intellectuals renowned for our intellect but somehow we are unable to transform ourselves.

Our intellect remains academic and doesn’t bring any change in our thoughts, feelings and actions. The more we experience the ravages of life the more we lament at our helplessness. The more the world appears to be full of sorrow and suffering.

In search of solace we desperately seek a Guru or a Master. We, once again, hear soothing words, we feel reassured and we begin to feel comfortable.

We now start depending upon this external teacher who provides shade in the harsh summer of life. We become utterly dependent on the Master. We once again become like the elephant that forgets its strength and gets chained to the small stake in the ground.

We continue in this state of stupor unaware of our own divinity. We find ourselves unable to practice the knowledge we have gained. Knowledge becomes wisdom at the touchstone of experience. Wisdom unshackles the power of the soul. This then is ‘viveka’ or discrimination. The key to our divinity lies in our hands and not with our Guru or Master. We and we alone have to live our lives.

The Guru shows us the path and removes our ignorance. We make the mistake of thinking that the Guru is the destination. The Guru that likes the flock and tries to keep it together does a great disservice to his disciples or followers. On the other hand, the Guru that urges the disciples to fearlessly move forward in the world is the greatest benefactor. We must learn to fly on our own.

The world is a great school and we have come to learn, evolve and grow. We must graduate from this school. I pray that the teachers and Gurus of today should selflessly make the students and disciples grow beyond the comforts of their gurukul or school. Detach yourself from your wards and make them fly. Let Go. Bless them to be fearless and selfless.

Go, fly and be Free.
Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma