The Trinity

O’ Wise Teacher what are the various aspects of God or Godhood? Please share.

The Teacher explained “There are three aspects of God or Godhood. These are creation, sustenance and change.

As the name suggests the creation aspect requires immense creativity. Only a peaceful mind can create something new and innovative. The ancient wisdom calls the creation aspect as Brahma depicted as seated on a lotus flower. A constant and uninterrupted state of peace characterizes Brahma carrying on the pure work of creation. Lotus represents purity and awareness. Such tremendous peace attracts purity and wisdom as it’s mate which is referred to as Saraswati.

The sustenance aspect is the one that sustains life after birth and is for a long period of time. As such, it is characterized by patience. The ancient wisdom calls the aspect of patience as Vishnu. It is depicted as resting on a thousand hooded snake in the ocean of Samsara. The snake represents both a protector as well as the negativity in which life or Samsara operates.

The vast ocean represents the endless nature of the world and also signifies the atma which is eternal. Thus, it requires great patience to deal with the negativity, lessons and experiences of life. Such phenomenal patience attracts abundance as it’s mate represented by Lakshmi.  Abundance or Lakshmi is always found at the feet of Patience or Vishnu.

The dissolution gives way to change which is the only constant of life. The ancient wisdom refers to it as the Shiva aspect. It is characterized by detachment born out of discrimination. Change management requires discrimination between right and wrong. Implementing change requires detachment.

That is the reason why Shiva is represented as a meditator or a yogi. Such detachment attracts protector as a mate represented by Parvati. The protector mate or Parvati, out of love, is ever ready to carry out the task of protection from evil in its various forms of Durga, Kali, Shakti, et all.

To the devotee who prays to any or all of these aspects can experience its energy both in the form and formless representation.”

I was stunned by the revelation of the Master.  On the eve of Guru Purnima, I pay homage to my Teacher, Master and Guru for selflessly sharing his infinite wisdom with all. I bow down to thee in reverence. I pray that you bless me to become an image of you. On this sacred day, I offer myself to you as ‘guru dakshina’. May there be Universal Love, Universal Light and Universal Joy in every corner of this Universe.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma



Make your own path

O’ Wise Teacher is the path to self realisation common to all? Please guide.

The Loving Master shared “Each of the souls are unique as they carry with them the past baggage of their prarabdhs. Though their goal is the same but each has come to learn their own lessons on the way to their destination i.e. self realisation.

So there is no question of having a one common path for all. Each soul has to find his or her own path to the One destination. The journey has been specially designed for each soul. There is no one shoe that fits all.

Yes, the Universal principles are common but their application needs to be customised. Each soul has to apply the learning’s and insights gained in the journey to progress towards the destination.

This is where spirituality or knowing yourself is essential. The understanding of the Universal Consciousness and its relationship with the Self enables you to implement these learning’s without any hesitation or fear.

This clarity emerges from a state of knowing. One has to go beyond the confusion of beliefs and conditioning to the state of knowing.

The journey becomes joyful. One becomes aware that God or Universal Consciousness is present all the way and is a milestone in the journey.”

I realised that all that you have to do is to travel with awareness of your own true Reality and of your goal or destination. Your own unique path awaits you, travel joyfully.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

Take care of your body

O’ Great Teacher please share with me the Dharma of the body and it’s relationship with the soul?

The Compassionate Master explained ” O’ Dear One! The human body is a precious gift and a great opportunity provided by the Universal Consciousness to realise the truth about oneself.

The body is the carrier of the soul on this great voyage called human life. It’s like a ship, aircraft, bus or car that carries passengers safely to their destination. Just as an airplane or ship or car needs to be maintained and serviced from time to time, the body also needs to be taken care of regularly.

As a poorly maintained vehicle suffers breakdown the human body also undergoes various diseases.

A common tendency of people especially on the path of spirituality is to ignore the numerous signals and warnings of the body. And then when illness strikes they either blame God or ask for miraculous healing. God’s job is not to heal but to guide you to healers and doctors whose job is to heal.

Of course God looks after all but as human beings our first dharma is towards our body. Only a healthy body can take us towards our goal of self realisation and service to humanity. For example, if your body is in pain or unwell how can you concentrate on anything else.

So for the soul to successfully complete its journey it needs a healthy and efficient vehicle. So be alert and be aware of what your body is telling you.”

I realised that in life challenges will keep coming as per your prarabdhs but to face these challenges you need a healthy, agile and fit body. Atma or soul or consciousness helps you in calmly facing these challenges and to perform the body’s dharma of karma towards the family, society, country and the Self. I offer a prayer of gratitude to all the healers and doctors who help humanity in alleviating body suffering.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

The Guardians of Wisdom

O’ Universal Teacher please share why the ancient wisdom of our land disappeared and will it ever return?

The Great Teacher responded “Our forefathers, the saints and sages of yore, were highly evolved human beings. They were spiritualists having a complete understanding of the Brahman (Universe), Atma (individual soul) and the relationship between the two.

They were Masters of both Gyan (knowledge of the Self) and Vigyan (knowledge of all sciences). They were highly advanced and accomplished scientists.

The knowledge of the Self and the Universal Principles gave them the understanding of all the elements of nature and their properties. This wisdom was put to use for the larger benefits of society, nation and the world at large. For their selfless contribution to the Society they were generously rewarded and looked after by the Rulers of the Times.

As the Ages changed, the consciousness fell and selfishness creeped in Society. Personal greed became paramount and societal gain was sacrificed. The higher consciousness disappeared and along with it the ancient wisdom was lost.

These times of Kaliyuga or the Dark Age are coming to an end and the Universal Consciousness is being raised once again. The human race is being prepared for unprecedented changes in consciousness. It involves radical changes in planetary vibrations. The sattvic energy levels are being raised.

Human bodies are trying to cope up with this sudden change in energy and vibrations. Unexplained pains, aches, stress, acidity, lethargy, etc are being experienced. The human body and organs are working extra hard to maintain the balance. A lot of energy is being used in simple routine tasks. To recharge and recoup the human bodies are demanding more rest and sleep.

We are waking up as if to a new changing Order. The rising consciousness is bringing back the wisdom of the Self and the Universe. Old patterns, paradigms and attachments are being replaced. The scientific wisdom is all set to return to its original glory heralding hitherto unknown highly advanced technologies. Soon Peace, Love and Brotherhood shall prevail again on our beautiful planet.

The Guardians of Wisdom have returned to once again play their role in the Great Cosmic Drama. Participate in and welcome the New Age by sacrificing your selfishness on the altar of Love. Know Thyself and your true heritage.”

I am grateful to the Teacher for sharing the makings of the Big Change and for preparing us for the beautiful times ahead. I look forward to playing my part as an instrument of the Universal or Higher Consciousness.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

Enjoy the Polarities

O’ Wise One why do we abhor evil? and why does it exist despite multiple avtaras like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, etc?

The Great Teacher nodded his head and responded “My dearest Good and Evil are the two polarities within which the human consciousness develops. Human life and life in this cosmos operates within polarities. Like the two gunas ‘Sattva’ and ‘Tamas’. Like Day and Night. It’s the nature of the operating system of life to have polarities.

We take human birth only to experience the polarities and consciously move towards Good, ‘Sattva’ and Light. There cannot be any Good without Evil, there cannot be Light without Darkness and there cannot be any Sattva without Tamas.

This is the basis of creation. These are the rules of the Game of Life. No need to view evil as contemptible or to abhor it. It serves a very holy purpose otherwise God would not have created it. So Evil is a useful tool in the hands of God for giving us lessons in consciousness.

Now the Yugas have been created as periods of varying consciousness. This is again part of the operating system of life on planet Earth. All human forms including an ‘avtara’ have to honor the Yugas. Avatara’s are needed the most in Kaliyuga as maximum darkness in consciousness exists at that time. Jesus, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Sai Baba, etc all came in the Kaliyuga.

They come to awaken the souls to their true Atmic Reality and bring light during the dark times. The chosen ones depending upon their prarabdh karmas get sufficiently awakened during an avatars sojourn on the planet and these become the light workers of consciousness that keep holding the torch of light during these testing times.

The avatars, however, don’t interfere with the karmic account and prarabdhs of individual souls. The individuals must awaken at the time allotted and honor the conditions of the yugas and their karmic account.

The great time of the awakening is the end of Kaliyuga. This requires massive change and lifting of consciousness. That is why a triple avtara is required in the darkest hour. One plants the seed in Shirdi, the other nurtures the plant in Parthi and the next will pluck the fruits of love and herald The Golden Age or Satyuga.

The plan is perfect my dear! It’s all happening at the right time. Our understanding is evolving to appreciate the glorious opportunity being provided to us in this Great Cosmic Drama. Play your role well and be ready to witness the greatest spectacle of transformation of human consciousness.”

I was spell bound as usual at the revelations of the Great teacher. I bow down my head in respect to the timeless wisdom of my Teacher.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

The Young Yogis

O’ Compassionate Teacher it disturbs me to see the current generation completely obsessed with the material world. Their excessive consumption and need for constant self-gratification is fast becoming a modern day epidemic. Kindly guide what needs to be done to counter this menace?

The Teacher flashed his trademark smile and laughed out loud. “I am so glad that you asked this question. I was waiting for this since a long time. Pause here for a moment, reflect back at your life, see the distance you have traveled and where you have reached. Appreciate and celebrate the transformation in your awareness.

My dear the teenagers today are doing exactly what your generation did in their late 20’s and early 30’s, consuming. The only difference is that your generation had worked hard for it and today’s youngsters have inherited it. For you it was a free time diversion but for them it’s a full time obsession. So they have unlimited time for consuming the attractions of the world.

Social media has made everything available on a touch of a button. Instant availability and gratification is the mantra. The youth is spoilt for choices.

Instant and constant communication has eroded all norms of privacy. The whole world is chattering like never before. You have free calling, messengers, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Hangouts, et all. With no work and no will to work the youth is bored.

Entertainment is beaming directly on their phones. Entertainment is now mobile and always available. Time zones have been crunched. Entertainment has broken all social norms. The youth are experimenting like never before. Morality and Values are considered preachy.

It’s free for all out there. The youth are highly distracted and dissatisfied. They are pandering to the desires of their five senses at an unprecedented pace. This then is the gift of the dark shadows of the Kaliyuga Age.

Don’t worry! they will reach their crisis point much much sooner than the 40’s mid-life crisis of your generation. In late 20’s or early 30’s they will reach their point of transformation. The Yogi’s or enlightened beings of the new world will be much younger in age.

Time is being crunched and events are escalating rapidly. The curve of evolution is reaching its peak soon. So celebrate the coming of this celestial event my dear. This is how it has been willed in the Great Cosmic Drama.”

I raise my hands in salutation to the wisdom of the consciousness. The Bhogis (consumers) of today shall be the Yogi’s (saints) of tomorrow. Let fear and apprehension give way to understanding and acceptance.

Let’s patiently await and witness this great transformation in human consciousness.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma

Celebrating Motherhood

O’ Beloved Master on Mother’s Day please share what makes a Mother so special?

The Loving Master gave a motherly smile and shared “Mother is a Creator. She gives birth to life. She nurtures within herself the seed of life. She goes through various changes in her body, endures a lot of pain and discomfort, makes tremendous adjustments to give birth to life.

The mother learns the secret of sharing while her baby is in the womb. She shares all her nourishment and all her privacy with her yet to be born child.

This priceless Gift of sharing continues even after birth. The Mother sacrifices her comfort, her aspirations and her resources for her child. It comes naturally to a mother due to the intimate bond she establishes with the child while in womb.

This gift of selfless sharing gives birth to the miracle of Love. Love is a miracle because it makes the impossible possible. The fountain of love is based on the foundation of selfless sharing and sacrifice.

It’s Love that makes a mother motherly. It’s love that sets a mother apart from all others. By celebrating the Mother we celebrate Motherhood. And by celebrating Motherhood we celebrate Love. For it’s love that sustains life on this wonderful planet”.

I realised why Mother is considered God. Both God and Mother are Creator’s. Both give and share selflessly. Both are embodiments of Love. The only difference is that Mother’s love is binding and God’s love is liberating.

In Gratitude I remain to my Mother and to all women who have contributed to Motherhood. My heartiest salutations on this pious day.

Through my Mother I had my first vision of God. I pray for her liberation today. 🙏

Love, Love and Love,

Vikas Varma

Celebrating Oneness

One year has gone by my dearest since you left this world to take your rightful place in the higher dimension leaving behind a legacy of love, patience and selfless service.

My dearest Jaan this one year has been full of memories, insights and realizations. Thank you for always being my love, my inspiration and now also my Teacher. O Master! I submit to thee my Report Card of Learnings for Year One.

1. The body is an illusion.
Though I missed your physical presence yet I found you ever present with me. You taught me to go beyond the form and to recognize the soul that dwells within.

2. No separation, Only Oneness.
Each moment has been in your presence. You have guided me every step of the way to get used to your formless Reality. From two we have become ONE. Duality has given way to Oneness.

3. You are one with God.
Through your formlessness I have experienced God’s formlessness. Your omnipresence and omniscience has made me realise that you are One with God. You are my God.

4. The soul is immortal.
The Soul is ever present, ever watchful, ever guiding. The Oneness with God makes the soul ever-present.

5. To the soul there is neither birth nor death.
Only the body is perishable. This birth and death drama is only enacted till the soul realises the truth of its eternity. The garment of the body is discarded forever when the soul recognises and shines in its true atmic Reality.

5. You are in peace and joy forever.
In my understanding of your true reality I have stopped praying for your peace and happiness and instead I pray to you to shower Love, Peace and Joy on others who are still caught up in their body consciousness. Liberate them from pangs of sorrow, misery and separation. Attachment to the body is the cause of this suffering.

6. Detachment from body consciousness makes you fearless.
In acceptance of the death of your body and the realisation of your true reality I overcame my fear of death. I realised that this one fear was the cause of all my fears and insecurities. I raise my hands in gratitude to thee for giving me this fearlessness.

7. You forced me to ask myself “who am I?”.
I would have foolishly lived in ignorance, in the wrong understanding of myself had it not been for your sacrifice, the sacrifice of your body. Thank you O’ Great Teacher!

8. I am the immortal soul.
I too am not this body. You have liberated me from this entrapment of the body. You have given me the gift of freedom. I now experience the unlimited Self. I thank you Master for this awakening.

9. Celebrating eternal togetherness.
You and I, my dear, are two souls in eternal oneness, joyously celebrating the oneness of Universal Consciousness. Let this celebration be ceaseless.

Let this body never come in the way of this eternal union. Let this day be enshrined forever as the day of Great Awakening. A day of removal of ignorance. A day of celebration. A day of freedom. A beginning of a new way of Life.

I propose a toast to a life full of Oneness, Joy and Celebration.

In gratitude I remain to the Universal Master and all its forms and manifestations for this Gift of Life.

My Jaan you shall always be with me.

Love, Love and Love


God Only

O’ Wise Teacher please share what happens when an individual experiences heightened level of awareness?

The All Knowing Teacher revealed “As the consciousness grows and the awareness expands significantly the individual experiences a connection with the Divine or Universal Consciousness. As the awareness grows the connection grows and soon it becomes a constant.

The individual experiences an unknown presence. This presence is gentle, reassuring and loving. Even though the individual is alone he or she doesn’t feel lonely. They feel secure, protected and in control.

The presence also communicates with effortless ease. The communication is in the form of intuition or inner promptings. On following the inner promptings the individual experiences opening of unexpected doors. They find solution to vexing problems. They discover a new and a more patient way of dealing with life situations. They feel they have so many more options than before.

The individual is no longer anxious about the correctness of his or her actions as he or she realises that these promptings come from the source of creation. As such he or she experiences fearlessness. Their reactions and responses become more controlled. Unfathomable peace descends.

The individual experiences that he or she is at the right place at the right time, everytime. He or she understands that everything is happening for his or her higher good. He or she feels confident at all times and unconditionally surrenders to the wisdom of the Divine Consciousness.

The individual awareness eventually takes it to a point where he or she realises that nothing but the Divine Consciousness or the Universal Consciousness exists. He or she realises that everyone and everything is God. His or her own individual consciousness merges into the infinite Universal Consciousness. The One becomes All.”

Thanks to my incredible Teacher I understand my experiences better and I realise that I am on the path of merging with the infinite consciousness. I am and shall remain deeply indebted to the wisdom and guidance of my Teacher, Master and Guru without whom I couldn’t have progressed on this journey of love and oneness.

Love, Light and Intuition,

Vikas Varma

The inner calling – Only Love is Real

It’s time to remove and throw the garb and don the new robe of ‘The Shining Self’. The time of pretending and playing along is over. The soul is rejecting the old, complete detachment from the ways of the past. The covert operation of change is to be revealed to the world soon.

We are being asked to move from undercover to frontline roles as the Creator is heralding the new world of love, peace and wisdom. The eagles are out and flying high. It’s time to arise form this long stupor and rightfully claim the divinity that we truly are.

We are children of God. We are part of the one single Unitary Consciousness. We come from this Oneness and we shall merge back in the same. No birth no death – we truly remain. This body is a temporary garment assumed for the present times and task. We are light bodies fully aware and conscious of the reality of Universal Consciousness.

I am hearing both loud cries and shouts of joy at the same time. It’s just noise to the ears – undistinguished, detached and having no relevance in the New Order. It’s really not a New Order, its how it has always been and we are re-discovering our true state of Being (internality)!

We had got caught in between in the state of doing (externality). The body is just an apparition that we call as real; it becomes scary as breath stops. We maybe living in flesh but we are already dead if the spirit is gone.

All relationships are illusory except for relationships of heart. The heart only knows the language of love. Love does not need words to express it – best understood in silence. It travels through vibrations of intentions and actions.

If your intention is pure, authentic and heartfelt then love will be received by the other-self irrespective of distance, time, body and space. For only ‘Love is Real’. Love in action is authentic only if the action is selfless based on the principle of ‘Giving’. For a pure heart chant the name of God and engage yourself in loving service.

Serve wholeheartedly strangers and known alike – ultimately we belong to the same One Family. Serve, for you have been blessed by the God-self to realize the divinity in all and not out of any dictum or for any recognition. Away from the world of ego and achievement find your true self that is a humble servant of the God-self. Humility is the key.

The realization of the reality of the true self and reclaiming our inherent divinity is not an achievement of the I-self but an act of grace of the Almighty. He chooses the timing, event and place. His ways are mysterious and uncertain. It is not an easy path if you are conditioned and tied up to the ways of the external world but if you surrender to the lord who resides within your heart, then he will guide you like a shepherd.

However, like the sheep you have to yourself travel the path to greener pastures. He will get you to the door but you must open the door yourself and move beyond. You have to discard fear that stems from ignorance and trust the God within and move into the world of existence, awareness and bliss (Sat, Chit, Anand).

This world does not exist on any other physical reality but here and now. Hear the chant of the divine name forever in the recesses of your heart. Give up the heavy load that you are carrying of expectations and attachments and freely experience the light within.

As you become comfortable with your reality share the message of divine love with all your brethren. Love yourself first! Live the life that exemplifies your Master’s message and inspire the Universal Family to live in Love and Abundance.

Come Join me on this path of love, abundance and joy unlimited

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma